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Plain lazy self-Stirring Mug review

“Make tea not war”, this is the slogan message of new plain lay self-stirring mug. However what if you are making the coffee instead of tea. Making the tea or coffee with a traditional tea making pot was much difficult, [...]

Things which you don’t need in a Green Kitchen

A writer, Jules Clancy on a reviews website Stonesoup.com has published about what to cook in kitchen and what to have in kitchen, with description about components of a green kitchen. There are number of items which will be needed [...]

Faucet Aerator is the efficient water saver

When we are talking about energy saving and go green for our world, there are many resources which are wasted in large volume and we have no alternative to renew them again for our use. The faucet aerator or tap [...]

A review about Infinit Solar Charger Bag

Where our world has been highly affected with pollution and external hazards, scientists are researching continuously about eco-friendly products which might be helpful for our next generations. As the human beings are approaching toward an unknown destination by use of [...]

Eco friendly Philips HF3485 wake-up light

Getting up early morning is tough especially if you are living in Northern Europe or United Kingdom. Even in the London city, you cannot get light up to 7.50 am, which is really disturbing if your work is starting early [...]

Go Green with Your Lunch

  Do you ever get tired of hearing or seeing reports about the landfills? Have you seen where a lot of landfills are filled up with mostly plastic bags that are used for sandwich storage? These bags are quickly filling [...]