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Lamps and Lights

Thea Solar Garden Spot Light

  The Thea Solar Garden Spot Light is a powerful, bright light that uses eco-friendly solar energy as a power source. The light can be wall mounted, deck mounted or even staked into the ground, allowing you greater freedom to [...]

Candela Eco Lights – Stylish Candle-like Low Energy Lighting

The are a set of 4 eco-friendly lights that mimic candles. These low energy rechargeable lights use LEDs to provide the illumination, providing a soft and appealing light similar to that of a candle without any fire dangers or issues [...]

6-in-1 Solar-Powered Charging Kit

The is a great multipurpose device to have on hand. With just a little forethought to charge the device, you can ensure you have power to light your way, listen to the radio charge or cool yourself with the fan [...]

Solar Powered Lighted Patio Umbrella

The is great for those who love to spend time outdoors, during the day the umbrella provides shade, or protection from any annoying short showers, then through the night it provides you with light helping you to enjoy the cooler [...]

Smart Color-Changing Outdoor Solar Party Lights

This provides you with 24 colourful LED bulbs to decorate your outdoor areas with. Powered in an eco-friendly way by using a solar panel, these lights can be placed to light up an area or feature, or even create one, [...]

Solar Powered Magic Globe Light

This can bring a touch of fantasy to your garden. The light smoothly changes through a rainbow of colours after dusk has fallen, creating an attractive feature in your outdoor area. The light can be placed on any surface and [...]