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Lamps and Lights

Meerkat Seesaw Ornament and Solar Light

This provides you garden with a whimsical talking point. Many gardens require a light to help provide added safety to areas such as pathways, but why have a boring standard light when you can have a cute and funny ornament [...]

Byron Elro HL24 – Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Floodlight

The allows you to illuminate your outdoor areas brightly and effectively while using less energy than standard halogen bulb equivalents. The floodlight enables you to constantly light an area in a more energy efficient manner. The Byron Elro HL24 Energy [...]

Midland ER102 – Emergency AM/FM Weather Crank Radio

The is a handy multipurpose device which provides you with tools useful for both everyday use and for emergencies. The radio is powered through a wind up/crank handle, allowing you to provide the power whenever it is required ensuring that [...]

Motion-Sensing Solar-Powered Solo Security Light

The provides powerful, low energy lighting, great for lighting any dark doorways, passages, walk-ways, gardens or any area where mains powered lighting would be hard to install. The motion sensitive light helps to provide added security and safety as the [...]

The Solar-Powered Stairway Light

This allows you to light up any stair, step or other such low ground hazard in your outdoor spaces simply and effectively. The light is easily attached to a wall or similar structure next to the hazard to provide eco-friendly [...]

Solar Powered Underwater Pool Light

This offers you an eco-friendly way to light your pool at night. The light attaches easily to the side of the outdoors pool, to charge its internal batteries through the day so that it can provide you with underwater lighting [...]