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Lamps and Lights

Trap Light – Photoluminescent Glass Lamp

The Trap Light is a glass lamp that has had a photoluminescent pigment added. This allows the glass to ‘store’ light, allowing it to glow softly for hours after exposure to illumination, helping to fill a room with a magical [...]

Solar Powered Mushroom Shaped LED Light

This is a great way to add a touch of whimsical fantasy to your garden or outdoor areas. The solar powered light will cause the mushroom shaped cover to glow, creating an beautiful feature for your outdoor space. The Solar [...]

Stainless-Steel Solar Wall-Mounted Security Light

This provides added safety and security to your outdoor areas. Perfect for use for a driveway or porch, the light automatically turns itself on once motion is sensed, lighting your way or alerting you to movement outside. The Stainless-Steel Solar [...]

Solar Powered LED Flower Light

This can add a touch of fantasy to any garden or outdoor area. The flower heads each contain a LED to provide illumination, giving them a gentle beautiful glow. The Solar Powered LED Flower Light can be used to provide [...]

Solar Power Water Floating LED Light

This makes a great addition to any outdoor pool, pond or outdoor water feature. The light can change colour as it floats in the water adding a beautiful colourful illumination to your outdoor area. The Solar Power Water Floating LED [...]

Lego Dynamo Torch

The Lego Dynamo Torch is a cool and fun way for both children and adults to enjoy using an eco-friendly torch. The friendly Lego character has two torches built into his feet, while his arm works as the wind up/crank [...]