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Lamps and Lights

Wind ‘N Go Time Minder Alarm Clock Radio

The is a great multipurpose device that has tools which it ideal for every day use and for use in emergency situations. The device uses a dynamo as a power source, you use the wind up/crank handle to provide the [...]

Lumileaf Solar LED Lamp By Sonelis

The Lumileaf Solar LED Lamp is a beautiful lighting feature for any home. The lights shape has been inspired by nature, the solar panel and lighting area has an aesthetically pleasing leaf shape. The solar light can be used both [...]

Paradise GL23901WH2 – Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights

These are a quick and easy way to bring lighting to any outdoor area, to provide added security and safety. The lights are easily attached to any flat surface to provide you with illumination once dusk falls. The Multipurpose White [...]

Eton Scorpion – Wind Up and Solar-Powered LED Torch and Radio

The is a multifunctional device best suited to those who like outdoors activities. The Scorpion combines an AM/FM radio and LED torch with a USB charger for your portable electronics within its robust splash proof exterior and even includes a [...]

Firefly USB And Dynamo Light By Powerplus

The Firefly USB And Dynamo Light is a wind-up multifunctional LED spotlight that provides you with a bright, focused light, a softer light or even an emergency light whenever it is required. The light makes use of a dynamo to [...]

Nokero N200 Portable Solar-powered Lamp

The Nokero N200 is a solar-powered lamp designed to reduce the dependence on the petroleum product kerosene, by being a replacement for the kerosene lamps typically used in the developing nations. According to Nokero, 25% of the world’s population still [...]