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Lamps and Lights

Hema Lamp – Sustainable Lamp Concept

The Hema Lamp is a beautifully designed lamp concept. The lamp is formed from materials that are either reclaimed or are sustainably produced. By using reclaimed wood and glass and using a mixture containing items such as corn husks, cotton [...]

Eco Low-Energy Dark-sensing Nightlight

The Eco Nightlight Sensor is a nightlight that requires very little energy to work. The light is able to sense when it is dark enough to warrant a light and activates itself, once it is light again it turns itself [...]

Solar-Powered Motion Detector PIR Porch Light

The Solar PIR Porch Light is a motion activated solar powered light, fantastic for lighting doorways or any area mains powered lighting would be hard to install. The light is a great way to provide motion activated lighting for any [...]

Eco Siren Torch – Dynamo Flashlight With Siren

The Eco Siren Torch is a durable dynamo powered flashlight with a built in siren. The torch and siren are ready for use whenever you require them, simply crank the handle of the device to provide them power. The Eco [...]

Sun Jar – Solar Lamp

The is an interesting solar powered device that can be used as a lamp or lighting feature both indoors and outdoors. The jar charges through the day to illuminate once in darkness, the frosted glass defusing the light giving it [...]

Decorative Solar Powered Tulips

These are a whimsical way of bringing light to your outdoor areas. The tulip shaped lights look attractive by day, but at night illuminate into a glowing light feature capable of lighting up a pathway while bringing a fantasy touch [...]