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SmartTalk Solar review

Griffin technology has got amazing step by introducing a smart talk solar which is completely handfree, so there will be no burden on users for handling their phone, while they are driving. So it is in the favor of our [...]

Can You Use A Green Energy Source Like Water To Power A Car?

For more than a century ago when cars were first launched for public use, we relied completely on oil to power them for daily use, but were this not clears that world’s oil resources will diminish one day and we [...]

Go for body grooming with Philips Norleco BodyGroom

Body fitness and grooming is first preference of all the men around the world nowadays. Men have embraced the body grooming machines as well as fitness exercises for body groom. In broad sense, the body grooming feature for men is [...]

The Sonos Play 3 speaker review

The Sonos has currently launchedits streaming audio speaker, which easily be controlled with Android Smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone devices. This Sonos play 3 speakers are offering best sound with elegant and compact design and also it will stream [...]

iBamboo iPhone Speaker

The iBamboo iPhone Speaker is a natural and elegant way to amplify the sound of your iPhone. Made from sustainable bamboo the speaker requires no electricity and is light and robust allowing you to take it with you, perfect for [...]

Megaphone – Ceramic iPhone Loudspeaker

The Megaphone is an aesthetically pleasing way to boost the volume of your iPhone or iPod. The speaker has been designed to amplify the volume naturally using its smooth contours. Created from ceramic, it’s a great way to share your [...]