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MP3 Gadgets

Skinny Player – Stick On Music Player Powered By Body Heat Concept

The Skinny Player is a concept design for a music playback device that is attached to the users skin and is powered through their body heat. The device is intended for use when a person is exercising or is out [...]

Colourful iPhone 4G Silicone Cases with Solar Panel

These iPhone 4G Silicone Cases are very brightly coloured iPhone cases which also feature a solar panel charger on the back of the case. The case clips on to the iPhone and the internal 1500mAh battery charges up when charges [...]

Leather iPad Case with Solar-Powered Charger

Finally we now have some iPad chargers coming on to the eco-friendly gadget scene. The Leather iPad Case with Solar Charger. It has a built in 4400 mAh battery which is charged by solar-power, which can then be used to [...]

All-in-One High Power Solar Charger Toolkit

When I’ve reviewed solar-powered chargers before, the chargers usually support most, but not all portable gadgets. The All-in-One High Power Solar Charger Toolkit is the first portable solar-powered charger that I’ve seen that appears to charge all portable gadgets, thanks [...]

Emergency Solar Charger for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

As the name suggests, the Emergency Solar Charger for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is a compact little solar-powered battery and charger, which can be used to charge up your iPod Touch or iPhone in an emergency. The charger [...]

iSol Plus – Portable Solar Charger

The iSol Plus is a solar powered charger designed to allow you to charge your portable electronic products from environmentally friendly electricity. The charger’s size allows you to take the device anywhere with you, the solar panel ensures you can [...]