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MP3 Gadgets

Devotec Solar Sound 2 – Solar-powered Bluetooth Speakers

Devotec Industries have been kind enough to send me their latest creation to review – namely the Devotec Solar Sound 2, which is a solar-powered speaker that plays music from your computer or phone via Bluetooth. The quality of sound [...]

Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speaker

The Soulra is a solar powered speaker system for iPods and iPhones. Designed to be used either at home or when out, the speakers allow you to share listening to your music with others without worries over batteries or over [...]

Green up your Apple iPad with a Solar Charger

Apple fanatics worldwide have been anxiously waiting for the day that the iPad becomes available, and finally it’s here! The Apple iPad allows you to surf the Internet, read books, look at maps, and pretty much anything else you can [...]

Solar-Powered Radio Headphones

The Solar-Powered Radio Headphones are perfect for people who love listening to the radio rather than listening to their MP3 player. I must admit, I much prefer radio as I enjoy the banter between the radio presenters just as much [...]

Move Eco Plus DAB Digital Radio

If you’re a fan of digital radio, the is an attractive and eco-friendly gadget to enjoy your music on the go. Like other eco-friendly DAB digital radios, this radio has been approved by the Energy Saving Trust thanks to it’s [...]

The Surge Case – iPod Touch Solar Charger Case

There’s no question, that since the launch of the iPhone, there have been a flurry of products just for the iPhone, where us iPod Touch users have been missing out. Well the has been designed to keep your iPod Touch [...]