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Odd Gadgets

Humane Spider Catcher Gadget

The is a great way to deal with unwanted creepy crawlies, especially when you don’t want to have to touch them! The catcher allows you to capture the spider, or other such critter, and take it to freedom outside unharmed. [...]

Whitepod – Eco-Friendly Hotel Concept

The Whitepod is an Eco-Friendly Hotel Concept, the aim is to offer sustainable tourism that helps those using the pods to be connected to the nature around them while having as minimal an impact on it as possible. The Whitepods [...]

Sealey PWH199 – Welding Helmet With Solar Powered Automatic Shade

The Sealey PWH199 is a , this allows you to weld safely knowing that the shade will automatically work when you require it. By using solar power as an energy source this welding helmet is ready for action whenever you [...]

TC-11 – Solar Digital Spoon Scale

The , perfect to help you measure out just the right quantity of the lighter items that standard digital scales cannot cope with. The spoon scale allows you to measure out your herbs, oils and any other lightweight item exactly [...]

Grow Your Own Edible Flowers

These provide you with more than a colourful and beautiful pot of flowers – every flower in the box is edible. The flower kit contains everything you need to grow a delicious collection of edible flowers, helping to educate children [...]

Tascam TC-1S – Solar Powered Guitar Tuner

The is a compact solar powered guitar tuner. Its durable casing and guitar strap clip allow it to travel around with you while the solar panel ensures it will be ready to go whenever you require it. The Tascam TC-1S [...]