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Office Eco Gadgets

Stirling Engine Kit – powered by your hands!

The is a unique educational kit that can help illustrate to children how effective even small amounts of energy can be. The engine apears to run from air alone, however it is the temperature difference caused by your body heat [...]

Solar Powered Lighted Patio Umbrella

The is great for those who love to spend time outdoors, during the day the umbrella provides shade, or protection from any annoying short showers, then through the night it provides you with light helping you to enjoy the cooler [...]

Eco-pulse: Novel Electricity Monitor

The Eco-pulse is an novel way of keeping track of your electrical usage. The device acts in a similar way to a doctors stethoscope, visualizing the electromagnetic fields of a device into a pulse informing you of the power usage [...]

The Designer Eco-Friendly Office – O Pods

The O Pod is an eco-friendly garden office. The strikingly designed circular building has been created to be quickly and easily installed into a garden space. The O Pod provides you with a warm and secure working environment that is near [...]

Clean Energy Water Clock

The is a beautiful digital clock that uses water as a power source. There is never a worry over batteries running out with the clock, there is only a need to  ensure there is enough water! It can even run [...]

Eco Cup – Reusable Porcelain Cup

The is a reusable cup made from porcelain with a silicone lid and sleeve. The cup will help keep your beverages hotter for longer and by using the cup for take away drinks or even to take drinks in from [...]