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Outdoor Eco Gadgets

Solar Face Shield

The Solar Face Shield is an alternative approach to full protection for your face from any potential harm from the sun. The shield fully covers your face blocking any harmful rays from reaching your delicate facial skin. Though it may [...]

6-in-1 Solar-Powered Charging Kit

The is a great multipurpose device to have on hand. With just a little forethought to charge the device, you can ensure you have power to light your way, listen to the radio charge or cool yourself with the fan [...]

Water Saver Usage Meter

The is a great little device that monitors how much water you are using, clearly displaying the amounts. By being aware of your exact water usage it is easier to start to reduce the amount, it can also be used [...]

Solar Powered Mosquito Zapper Lantern

This is a decorative device to help keep your evenings outdoors free from annoying flying pests such as mosquitoes. The lantern uses solar power to provide the energy to power both the attracting light and the insect zapper, helping to [...]

Tandem Electric Bicycle

This can provide you with a unique riding experience. The tandem bicycle allows two to ride together (great for couples) while having all the advantages of an electric bicycle, hills and headwinds are no longer an issue with the motor [...]

SpinPOWER I4 – iPhone 4 Bicycle Charger Kit

The for the iPhone 4 allowing you to power your phone from an eco-friendly power source. The charger makes use of the kinetic energy of the bike moving, its wheels turning, by converting it into electricity that it can then [...]