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Biopac Biodegradable Pint Tumblers

These allow you to enjoy your pint without the worry over the waste of plastic. The tumblers are fully compostable and are smash proof, perfect for use in outdoor events. The Biodegradable Pint Tumblers are a great alternative to standard [...]

Paper Briquette Log Maker – Logs from Newspaper

The is a great way to turn unwanted newspapers and magazines into energy efficient fuel bricks. The log maker shapes and compresses the paper into briquettes for use on open fires or even on BBQs! The Paper Briquette Log Maker [...]

Hema Lamp – Sustainable Lamp Concept

The Hema Lamp is a beautifully designed lamp concept. The lamp is formed from materials that are either reclaimed or are sustainably produced. By using reclaimed wood and glass and using a mixture containing items such as corn husks, cotton [...]

Eco Cup – Reusable Porcelain Cup

The is a reusable cup made from porcelain with a silicone lid and sleeve. The cup will help keep your beverages hotter for longer and by using the cup for take away drinks or even to take drinks in from [...]

Plate Wrap – Packaging that becomes a plate

The Plate Wrap concept is an idea to use shaped packaging around a microwave meal that can be used as a plate or mat for eating the meal from. By using the wrapper as a plate/mat you should use less [...]

Recycled 12″ Vinyl Record Bowl

The is an inspired use of a long time discarded item. The bowl is formed out of a vinyl record, re-purposing it as a useful and decorative object in today’s society. The Vinyl Record Bowl can be used for a [...]