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Re-Purposed Beer Bottle Clocks

The are a different way of helping to reduce the amount of glass in landfill. Instead of being melted down to be recycled, (or thrown away!) the beer bottles for these clocks are partially melted to produce an iconic time [...]

Recycled Circuit Board Pencil Holder

This has been created from rectangles of discarded motherboard. The pencil holder is a great way to keep your desk tidy while displaying your environmental and technological interests. The Recycled Circuit Board Pencil Holder has been constructed from recycled printed [...]

Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame

The has been constructed from discarded motherboards. The frame allows you to display photographs in a way any technology geek will appreciate which gives a purpose to materials that would otherwise be discarded to landfill. The Recycled Circuit Board Photo [...]

The Green Recycled and Recyclable 16-Ounce Mug By Aladdin

This has been made from 100% recycled food grade plastic. The mug has been created for you to use when purchasing take-out hot or cold beverages. It has been designed to insulate you drink while helping to reduce the amount [...]

Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker

The allows you to form a suitable log for burning on a traditional fire from burnable household waste. This log maker can make use of items such as wet leaves, wood shavings, tea bags, or junk mail. The Recycled Wet [...]

Eco-cartridge – Recycled Cardbord Ink Cartridge Concept

The Eco-cartridge is a concept for an ink cartridge that is made from recycled cardboard. The cartridge would save on packaging and would use a considerable amount less plastic to help the product decompose quickly. The Eco-cartridge concept has been [...]