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Top Solar Energy Trends That Will Dominate 2017

By admin on January 15th, 2017

The renewable energy industries – the solar energy market in particular – have been rapidly evolving over the years. Although this industry has always been slightly unpredictable, 2017 is unbelievably tough to predict due to the political disasters that occurred in the previous year. Due to the political uncertainty of 2017, we cannot clearly say what awaits solar energy sellers and buyers this year. However, it is possible to make some predictions by analyzing the industry’s growth so far. So, here are some solar energy trends that we are most likely to experience in 2017.

President Trump Will Turn Green

Although it may seem unlikely, Trump will begin to appreciate green policy-making in 2017 since it is a cheaper alternative. If Trump wishes to make the U.S. self-sufficient, renewable energy is his best bet. Independence is not only important for president-elect Trump; it is of great value to the citizens of the country too. This means that individual citizens will become more inclined to make use of solar energy this year.

Corporate Renewables Will Happen

Major corporations made it clear in 2016 that they have agrowing interest in renewable resources. Not only did big names like Apple, Google and Microsoft make major commitments to renewable energy sources in 2016, but they also came together last May under a formal alliance to find more sources to buy renewable energy. Therefore, we can definitely expect such major business organizations to make power purchase agreements and direct builds. Who knows, they might even take things one step further.

Small Solar Businesses Will Thrive

When it comes to solar energy business, small and medium sized companies – especially those which specialize in rooftop solar energy – are more likely to thrive than bigger corporations. Since the latter uses a great deal of debt to make revenue, they eventually get knocked out of the game. In 2017, simplified solar energy financing solutions will be available for small businesses due to the increasing demand for this renewable energy. So, purchasing residential solar systems from small and medium-sized companies such as Sunlife Solar is a wise idea as they will become more lucrative and reliable in the near future.

U.S. Solar Manufacturing Will Decline

Unfortunately, the current supply chain is almost entirely dominated by Asia. Products such as wafers, cells, junction boxes, glass and aluminum frames are available in China for cheaper prices and in good quality. Without a good plan, it will be extremely difficult to increase manufacturing in the United States. Since the tariffs are makings things worse for manufacturers, Asia will continue to dominate the solar energy market in 2017. That isunless Trump finds a way to make the supply of key solar energy components available in the U.S to increase production. Even if he reduces the tariffs on cells and extruded aluminum, it might take some time for the U.S. to improve the finances of solar manufacturers in the country.

Furthermore, it is also predicted that India will gain more significance in the global solar energy market in 2017. The country is ready to invest about $3 billion in state funding for the solar panel manufacturing infrastructure. All these predictions show that there is much action packed in 2017 for the solar energy business.

Use of Algae to Produce Energy Through Wastewater

By Anny on January 17th, 2013

There have been more recycling programs nowadays as compared to decade before and large amount of wastewater produced is also recycled for reuse in urban areas. Although not all the used water is recycled and it make take time to cover the great gap, the world largest bodies are struggling to recover the offshore water and make purposeful use of used water. You may be thinking till this discussion that we don’t have any other option of dealing with wastewater?

Use of Algae to produce energy through Wastewater

This would be definitely easy to transfer the wastewater to some safe place and recycle through advanced technological methods available and save the cost and environment. There are many ideas from the people and researching bodies to make effective use of waste water to make it more productive for the environment and our economy. One of these ideas led to development of energy production project through wastewater.

Different research studies agreed to one point that microalgae would be one of the most beneficial bio fuels for renewable energy production. There are easier to be grown as compared to our conventional crops which have low production yield. Microalgae can transfer to several magnitudes if we analyze its effectiveness with other productive resources. In order to grow and thrive, biofuel microalgae would work on and digest, a creature which will be there where wastewater comes from and that is biological by its origin.

In NASA nanotechnology, a research Jonathan Trent is busy in his research with OMEGA System about offshore membrane of this productive biofuel Algae. We can find the description of its working through its acronym that it utilizes the big enclosed plastic membranes to cultivate and grow the biological microalgae. The urban waste water produce need living environment for microalgae while other living environment required provided is offered by sun and coral plants.  The OMEGA project offshore nature has also found that in production of biofuel microalgae, this should not consume the land available for production of food.

Use of Algae to produce energy through Wastewater

OMEGA system is enclosed as whole and with use of different elements, it cycle itself and purposeful as energy source. This system has been designed in such a way that it will gather the entire city’s waste water and would be definitely a large sustained place for microalgae growth. Making this project according to its promising plans, OMEGA will deal with all the economic hurdles which may suffer this project, but we may think that a large amount of wastewater of this world would be saved from offshore and OMEGA energy process will continue it to produce the renewable energy, the predictions are still high.

Funding is yet to be elevated for this great system to work properly and smoothly complete its initial working. This project has also planned to introduce the aqua culture beneath the membrane like oysters and mussels for improvement of this system production. Would this not be a purposeful idea to invest in such energy source which may pay back more than our investment and also fulfill current energy demands? Stay for More updates this week!!

Trailer Wind Turbine to Provide Instant Power Anywhere Required

By Anny on January 3rd, 2013

A major advantage of wind and solar energy is their transfer ability and use anywhere required. It is required just a specific amount of sun or wind energy to start production of renewable energy at home. The power generation with wind and solar energy is complete independent process which means an individual can setup this system without dependence upon fuel and energy replenishment. Although still enough research has not been made to make this renewable energy resources available for all the public.

Selection of location is also not a big problem for both wind and solar energy, because planners and engineers are still worry about portability of these two resources. This is because we cannot simply transfer the wind speed and solar energy rays to another place simply.  A renewable energy development company, up rise Energy was researching to solve this problem of transportability by suggesting a special wind system which can be contracted and fitted even within a truck carrier.

PPC, the Up rise energy suggested system stands for Portable Power Center. PPC has a 50 kiwi five bladed wind turbine primary energy harvester which has been developed to gather the slow speed wind and low sun rays in shady and cloudy days.

At the same time where PPC can work similar to other standard wind turbines, it would be better at performance to control the amount of energy collected and used for generation. According PPC proposed system of UP rise Energy Co; the system will use a computer for analysis and calculation of wind directions, speed and weather patterns. This system will help to optimize the energy amount that is required to run the turbines. The system will also use a special safety feature along with its active adjustment features during strong winds.

The computer system will also order the units to stop turbines during strong winds and storms to lessen the impact of storm damages.  For PPC, Uprise energy has three viable energy storage options to use. The first option is to use standard battery bank which is usually used for regular generation of energy. The other two options are to use the mediums like biomass or air to be changed into hydrogen and water when this renewable and independent power source is required.

PPC protective function for auto mast-lowering feature would also be easily maintained  and there would be no hurdles like need of engineers to climb and start the maintenance, an efficient, save and faster procedure of maintenance it would provide.

The whole PPC system along with its energy storage, controllers and turbine will be easily fitted in a shipping carrier. At any place where this wind turbine will be required, technicians would simply anchor the system on ground and if anytime its required to put away the system, simply turbine will be shifted through truck to next destination.

A completely developed PPC unit could directly act as a standard renewable energy system for remote regions and private installations, perhaps used in emergencies and places where urgent power source is required.

The German Solar Industry Enough Mature to Meet Country Power Demands

By Anny on December 27th, 2012

German Solar industry

The Germany has become the world superpower after its new solar power generation record by meeting half of the country weekend power demand through its renewable energy sources. The Germans solar plants have fed a whopping 22 Giga watts of solar power in one hour duration into its national grid. Nuclear energy tremendous increase from Japan and Russia had been predicted as power edge from these two countries, but after Fukushima disaster, the Japan had opted to shut down all of its nuclear power plants and Germany had great public pressure to stop use of nuclear energy as great damaging to living beings.


These circumstances paved the way for more investment and future planning for solar energy generation. Nuclear energy had been found as un-friendly after many radiations damaging in five top nuclear power generation companies and that technology had also been using a low quantity ore of uranium for fission process. The Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) in Muenster announced that Saturday’s solar energy generation met nearly 50 percent of the nation’s midday electricity needs and was equal to 20 nuclear power stations working at their full capacity.




Germany is world leader in solar energy and has been remembered as solar roofs country, but after Government announcement to close down the 8 power plants because of Fukushima disaster and remaining nine till 2022, a great chaos was seen from public and Government officials in the start. A great pressure was mounted to find and invest in alternative renewable energy sources. Other power generation sources like biomass and wind are also expected to pick up the slack, but solar power had never been as important as much today.

After closing a one working day demand for powering the factories and offices on Saturday and half on the Friday, the country met all the power demand and broken its previous record of solar power industry. The director of IWR, Norbert Allnoch told the Reuters no country had ever produced as much photovoltaic energy as much Germans did today. In recent weeks, Germany had come closer to 20 GW mark and this was the first time they made it over.

German Solar industry

“Now it has become clear that Germany is capable of meeting its all electricity demand renewable solar power industry, told the Director of IWR”. It is also found that now Germany can do with fewer nuclear power sources, gas burning plants and coal burning power generation sources if they want to maintain them too. Through Government support and effective planning for renewable energy generation, today Germans power industry has become the world leader in solar energy production.

Like most other European countries, Germany is aiming to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020, but at this rate it is the country most likely to actually follow through. The record-breaking amount of solar power shows one of the world’s leading industrial nations was able to meet a third of its electricity needs on a work day, Friday, and nearly half on Saturday when factories and offices were closed.