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Renewable Energy

Top Solar Energy Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Top Solar Energy Trends That Will Dominate 2017 thumbnail

The renewable energy industries – the solar energy market in particular – have been rapidly evolving over the years. Although this industry has always been slightly unpredictable, 2017 is unbelievably tough to predict due to the political disasters that occurred [...]

Use of Algae to Produce Energy Through Wastewater

There have been more recycling programs nowadays as compared to decade before and large amount of wastewater produced is also recycled for reuse in urban areas. Although not all the used water is recycled and it make take time to [...]

Trailer Wind Turbine to Provide Instant Power Anywhere Required

A major advantage of wind and solar energy is their transfer ability and use anywhere required. It is required just a specific amount of sun or wind energy to start production of renewable energy at home. The power generation with wind and [...]

The German Solar Industry Enough Mature to Meet Country Power Demands

The Germany has become the world superpower after its new solar power generation record by meeting half of the country weekend power demand through its renewable energy sources. The Germans solar plants have fed a whopping 22 Giga watts of [...]