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Vincent Callebaut Concept Of Eco Village

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember amazing eco concept of Vincent Callebaut – Lilypad. But Vincent continues to pump out amazing concepts of futuristic eco systems. This time inspired by the organic form of coral he has created [...]

Lighting The Way For Baby Sea Turtles With Halco Amber Bulbs

The turtle nesting beach of Florida is facing many unnatural and natural threats and forty percent of the beaches have been classified as eroded from natural causes. Dallas Light Bulb is leading manufacturer in consumer lighting products. Dallas has started [...]

Encouraging Eco Tourism In Kenya

Eco tourism is although a new emerging field in Africa, its growth in Kenya has been little short of spectacular. In the past five years, some of the world’s most pioneering and promising community tourism projects have been launched here, [...]

Elektra One Electric Plan Is The Greenest Success

Considering the Go Green technology and getting out cars to be electric, I guess it was only a matter of time before planes also gone electric. NASA has currently sponsored a CAFÉ green Flight challenge and Elektra One is the [...]

Wooly Pockets For Going Green

Everyone around the earth is going around a crusade these days to adopt the go green phenomena and save our environment and conserved natural life.  After all, there not much of ecosystem of our planet that left or remained behind. [...]

Thermeleon Roof Tiles Make Energy Saving As Clear White Or Black

Thermeleon tiles are energy solution because they turn white when there is enough heat to turn the roof cool and change their color to black when it is enough cold inside the room and required to absorb the light and [...]