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Belize: Rich in Best Landscaping And Eco-Tourism

With foot dipped in the Caribbean Sea and other foot planted in the jungles of Central America, Belize is the beautiful blend of two worlds. Offshore, palm dotted islet at one side and kayakers glide on the other sandy, while [...]

A Story Of Danish Hotel Where Guests Have To Generate Power For Meal Served

This is might be funny for some of the viewers about a Danish hotel, where guests exercise and generate power to cook the meal served at their tables. But if we review this deeply and taking the whole story under [...]

Kids’ Kinetic Energy Toys Are Totally Green

For those kids who have taken birth before the revolution of internet and not fully enjoyed their time playing video games on internet and other fun stuff, the rubber and steel toys were the one they used to have in [...]

How To Recycle Your Gadgets Without Polluting The Atmosphere

If you want to recycle your electronics in a responsible way, the two best options we have here to use Gazelle.com or Best Buy. Both of these companies will recycle your gadgets in a responsible manner, and you might even be able to make [...]

Going Your Electricity Free For A Weekend!!!

Energy crises are one of the major problems for people nowadays. It has been required more today than before. As people continue to try and cut back on their expenses the high cost of the electricity bill is one that [...]

A Coffee Table Made From Practical Reclaimed Wood

Recycling has become the only possible process to make use of old gadgets and all the wastes which may harm our environment and have been caught with high proportion of carbon footprints. Gone are the days when mix tapes made [...]