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Solar Powered Gadgets

Floating Luxury Resort Only With Affordable Solar Cells For Energy Generation

Use of solar energy as cheap energy option available for hotels may not be new idea, especially we green technologies have emerged and entered in our lives completely. However, a luxury floating hotel conception that would use low cost, dye [...]

Recycled Pulp Fashioned into Doughnut shaped Pulp MP3 speakers

Sharing the music and videos with friends is really amazing, but better it would be if the gadgets would charge from renewable energy like solar powered electric energy or keep the Go Green rules followed. At the moment, the market [...]

Lawn Buddy- Solar powered Automatic lawn mower

Introduction Recently a project was completed in San Jose State university about solar powered lawn mowers, users’ ability to cut the lawn grass with minimal efforts required. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter [...]

The Pedal Boat Gets a Solar Powered Boost

They say that inventors should find a need and fill it. I don’t know who needs a solar boosted pedal boat, but a design concept for one exists nonetheless. The boat features a center cockpit where up to four passengers [...]

Five Unconventional Uses of Solar Power

Solar energy is great blessing for our planet and thousands of its uses are beneficial to fulfill the energy demands of whole universe. There are millions of gadgets today which use solar panels for their charging and give the safe [...]

Driven by Solar launches new rechargeable Ultrapower lawn mower

Currently, the solar energy is only addition along with nuclear energy to fulfill the increasing energy demands and go green.  Solar energy and wind powered energy resources cannot be depended due to lack of sunlight availability in northern areas of [...]