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Solar Powered Gadgets

DIY Solar Truck Idea from Wellies

This idea of DIY solar truck has been taken after theft of solar panels of many users and needed to take their solar panels and required to take the panels and batteries indoors at night. The solar truck is a [...]

Asus EcoBook Touts bamboo casing

WAmazing technology gadgets have been launched, which have numbers of amazing features and have been designed friendly to the environment. Ranging from solar powered batteries, mobile phones and calculators to laptops, the new technology gadgets have become complete friendly to [...]

Logitech Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard

Keyboard is one of the important input elements which are essential if you are dealing with computer system, using a laptop or playing a video PSP game, where input devices are required to feed the data and get fast output. [...]

Solar Panel, a Basic Need for Solar Energy

Content Now it is the era of Eco friendly energy, the basic idea lies in the fact that there should be renewable energy sources, which could provide us energy for a long time. At this stage, the solar panels are [...]

SmartTalk Solar review

Griffin technology has got amazing step by introducing a smart talk solar which is completely handfree, so there will be no burden on users for handling their phone, while they are driving. So it is in the favor of our [...]

Electree- Charge your gadgets in style

Solar energy is a renewable resource available to us and will fulfill our all the demands, however it depends on how effectively we can utilize it. With advancements of science and technology, where thousands of gadgets have been manufactured and [...]