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Solar Powered Gadgets

Bright days for Solar- New Investment fuels promising energy research at MIT

Tonio Buonassisi finished his PHD during 2006 from university of California, he aimed to go out of academia and cover all the roofs of world with solar panels which will offer clean and carbon free energy for this and future [...]

Samsung’s Blue Earth solar phone is ultra-green

New Samsung’s Blue Earth is not just a bunch of solar panels; this phone is made of recycled plastic along with featuring a pedometer and embedded software to tell about your efforts for saving this planet.  In a fast race [...]

Solar Kindle lighted Cover for Amazon Kindle e-reader

Solar energy likely to as favored as eco-friendly because it is renewable form of the energy which can fulfill the energy needs and make less use of petroleum fossils generated energy. Solar energy is not only beneficial for environment friendly [...]

Solar cells fabrication to use Polymers SC as alternative to expensive silicon based solar cells

Here in this review, we have covered a complete research about production of polymer solar cells as a best cheap alternative to expensive silicon based solar cells. Process involves printing conductive polymer thin films and organic BHJ, mixing two polymer [...]

Solar dragonfly lights add beauty and charm to the garden

Solar energy has solved our energy requirements to high scale and it has been found that solar energy is more eco-friendly as compared to nuclear energy production or petroleum fossils. The solar dragonfly lights are an amazing addition to your [...]

Freeloader Pro with its powerful characteristics

Freeloader Pro is a device which from its name suggests about free charging large amount of energy from the sun whenever you require. Although we may not mind ourselves to be freeloader to get solar energy which plays vital role [...]