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Sustainable Materials

Biopolymers – Ingeo

Biopolymers are polymers derived from natural sources. One such example is Ingeo, which is derived from sugars produced by plants during the cycle of photosynthesis. Plants convert air, water, nutrients from soil in presence of light to starch, which is [...]

Bio Plastics

We all use plastics in our daily life in a vast number of ways such as in household appliances, wrappers, containers etc. One advantage of plastics is that it can be easily manufactured and molded into a variety of shapes [...]

What is a Carbon Footprint?

World over, people are becoming more environment conscious, and there is an increased focus on protecting the environment, reducing pollution, and using eco-friendly materials. One such term we often get to hear is about the carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is [...]

iBamboo iPhone Speaker

The iBamboo iPhone Speaker is a natural and elegant way to amplify the sound of your iPhone. Made from sustainable bamboo the speaker requires no electricity and is light and robust allowing you to take it with you, perfect for [...]

WeWood Chrono Watch

The WeWood Chrono Watch is formed from offcuts of wood that often go to waste. The watchmakers use as much wood as possible to create a unique looking, stylish watch. The WeWood Chrono Watch has been created to make use [...]

FanTubes – Cardboard Tube Chairs and Table

  The FanTubes Furniture is a fun use of often discarded cardboard tubes. The hundreds of waste tubes have been constructed together to create striking pieces of furniture, that though they may not be that comfortable certainly offer a room [...]