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Articles in the ‘Techno gadgets’ Category

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

By Anny on May 27th, 2013

We have seen solar powered outdoor gadgets which can serve multiple purposes such as cooking, charging your accessories and also for listening music. However, the FR360 is one gadget that can work both on solar power and can also be powered by a hand crank. In case you choose to, it can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries and also by an external adaptor. This unique gadget contains a built-in radio, access to the NOAA weather band, a powerful torch, a LED flasher and also an USB phone charger. This ensures that you always stay connected and with a handy flashlight and access to your local radio while you’re traveling. The feature to charge by a had crank is especially useful when your caught in a bad weather or in case of power outages.

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

The Radio is supports AM (520-1710 KHz)  and FM(87-108 MHz).It can play all the local weather band channels along with weather alerts. The torch is powered by 4 LED’s and also included is a flashing red LED light. A telescopic antenna helps you stay connected in all areas. You can charge your phones and other electronic accessories which arepowered by an USB source by using the USB power output given by the device. Also included is an alarm clock and headphone jack. The FR360 is your perfect travel accessory with a whole range of features that usually require multiple gadgets.

The device is recommended to be fully charged while you are on the move, and in case it doesn’t recharge due to lack of solar light-you can use the crank to generate the power. Its weighs 453 gms and has a dimension of 6.25“-6.5“-2.75“.

The gadget is a special edition Red Cross product and $0.49 to $1.00 from each sale would be contributed to the American Red Cross society. You can buy the FR360 from the below link, or can also purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy.


K3 Solar and Wind Charger

By Anny on May 11th, 2013

Here is a unique charger that can be powered both by solar power as well as by wind energy.  The gadget has a built-in solar panel which coverts solar energy into an electric charge which can be used to charge your mobile phone, iPod, camera  etc. A mini turbine mounted on the top rotates when placed against the wind and turns an internal dynamo which again generates electricity. The rechargeable internal battery of the gadget  can also be charged by a normal ac charger.

K3 Solar and Wind Charger

The gadget is quite useful when you are travelling, trekking or camping. It’s one of a very few portable gadgets which charge by wind energy and is a perfect alternative to conventional charges, especially when you have no access to electricity. The gadget can be arranged on your motorcycle or jeep so that it directly faces the wind while you are driving.  Under standard conditions, an hour of sunlight and a sufficientlystrong wind should charge your  phone for about 30 minutes of talking.

The device has an USB port which can be used to connect it to an external power source such as from a computer or a vehicle power outlet. It also comes with a mini and micro USB tip making it useful for a vast variety of phones. A built-in LED power indicator shows the current power status

The K3 Solar and Wind charger is priced at $99.95 and can be purchased from the below link.

Dimensions: 3 Inches in Length, 3.1 inches wide and a height of 9.3 inches

Color: Green and black with a white mini turbine

Weight: 10.6 Ounces

Battery specifications: Rechargeable Lithium ion cell (4000mAh) DC output- 5V 1amp 5W

The package includes a the K3 Solar and Wind Charger gadget, multiple device tips, USB cable AC Wall Adapter, a handy drawstring bag and a user guide.

Green Battery Powered from By a Plant Extract

By Anny on March 22nd, 2013

We all are familiar with the standard lithium ion batteries which are used in a variety of appliances in our daily life. The involve use of lithium compounds an as electrode. Lithium and similar elements used in such applications are not easily available and mining and extraction of lithium consumes a lot of energy which in turn adds to the carbon footprint of the battery manufacturing cycle. Also recycling lithium releases  a lot of carbon dioxide into the air which in turn causes a lot of pollution.

Scientists at Rice University  of New York and US Army Research Laboratory have designed a battery which uses Purpurin-a derivative of the madder root which is used in fabric dyeing. Madder roots have been used as a coloring agents since 3000 years and can provide orange, red and pink hues when used in different proportions

Green Battery powered from by a plant extract

An extract of the dye-Purpurin is said to have properties similar to lithium electrodes such as carrying carbonyl and hydroxyl groups in the process of electrolysis. In standard batteries the electrodes are immersed in electrolytic solution and ions move from one electrode to the other creating a current. This current comes out of the electrode panels of the battery to run our appliances.

The core compound used here is chemically lithiatedPurpurin (CLP-where Purpurin is treated with lithium salts to create a material for the electrode) which is derived from the madder root. The project is being worked upon and it would take some more years for it to be made for commercial uses. However, it can for sure reduce our dependence on Lithium and cobalt metals for batteries and would also reduce the carbon footprint of the battery manufacturing cycle. Do watch out this space for more news on the Green Battery.

Green chargers reduce “Vampire Power” energy waste

By Anny on June 18th, 2012

Vampire Power

Vampire power is what you will examine after watching Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ movie series. But it is not what it is at all. This is actually a term which is used by people for technology gadgets when we describe the power wastage and methods for saving it. When you have plugged your charger for charging but you are not using anything to charge, the electricity dribbles out of the electric socket like blood from neck of a punctured virgin and what you will see is a big old waste. (more…)

Asus EcoBook Touts bamboo casing

By Anny on June 15th, 2012

Asus EcoBook Touts

WAmazing technology gadgets have been launched, which have numbers of amazing features and have been designed friendly to the environment. Ranging from solar powered batteries, mobile phones and calculators to laptops, the new technology gadgets have become complete friendly to the environment. (more…)