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Water Saving

Raindrop Mini – Concept for Easy Rainwater Collection

The Raindrop Mini brings the joys of using rainwater to many that would have previously found it unpractical. The device is specifically designed for those who lack space and is an ideal way for anyone with a small property or [...]

King Of Urinal – Sustainable Urinal Concept

The King Of Urinal is a concept design for a urinal that helps to save on water consumption and promotes good hygiene. Each urinal features a sink built into the top of it which allows a user to clean their [...]

Free Water Saving Gadgets for EnviroGadget Readers

EnviroGadget has teamed up with Big Green Smile (who sell a fantastic range of eco-friendly products and green gadgets) and Veolia (a water supply company) to offer you a range of free water saving widgets. All you need to do [...]

Clean Rain – Rain Water Filtration And Harvesting System

Clear Rain is a device that allows you to filter rain effectively and efficiently and allows you to attach hosing to take the cleaned rain to where it is needed, for a pool, pond or any form of water storage. [...]

IRISO Water Drippers – Plant Watering System

The is a system that helps you to convert an old plastic bottle into a device to keep your plants watered. The device can be set to a number of drip rates to allow it to be compatible to a [...]

Water Usage Monitoring Garden Hose Spray Nozzle

The is a garden hose spray nozzle attachment that monitors your water usage. It allows you to water your garden or wash your car while keeping track of the quantity of water used to hopefully lead to less water usage [...]