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Water Saving

Waterpebble – Shower Usage Monitor

The is a little device designed by Paul Priestman that you place in a bath tub or shower cubical to monitor the amount of water you use when showering. The works by recalling how much water was used whet it [...]

Water Saving Tap Aerator DIY Kit

With our slightly over-populated planet, pure drinking water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Even for those of us fortunate to be in the developed world, we shouldn’t waste water. Thankfully there are plenty of water saving gadgets that can [...]

Rainwater Storage Pillow

The Rainwater Pillow is a flexible alternative to a rain barrel. Able to hold significantly more water than conventional barrels, the pillow can be placed underneath decking, in a floorspace or any other such ground level hidden space. The water [...]

Water Conservation with Petal Drops Raincatcher

The Petal Drops gadget is a water-saving concept by Pieter Laga on the social product development website Quirky. Following an initial design proposal by Pieter, other individuals got involved by making suggestions for the product name, the logo design and [...]

The Shower Brake – Shower Water Saving Gadget

The Shower Brake is a concept design to help reduce the amount of water used in showers. The device slowly falls throughout the shower visually alerting you to how much water is being used. The Shower Brake, designed by Sang-in [...]

The Dew Drop – Automatic Plant Watering Through Condensation

Industrial designer Jacky Wu has designed a simple artificial leaf to aid us in our plant watering.  This concept design has been named Dew Drop and aims to keep your plants watered without you ever needing to move a watering [...]