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Water Saving

The Aerated Showerhead By Ecocamel

Ecocamel FIXED Aerated Showerhead is easily added to a shower to save both water and energy. Though it uses a lot less water than a conventional showerhead, due to its design and technology, it produces a ‘spa like’ shower feel. [...]

Wall-Mounted Rain Water Butt

With it being the wet season, particularly in Europe, it makes sense to collect as much rain water as possible ready for the spring. Due to growing populations, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce. Rather than use fresh drinking water [...]

Water and Energy Saving Efergy Shower Timer

The Efergy Shower Timer is a simple gadget that helps you save water when having a shower, simply by beeping when it’s time to get out. If you have an electric shower, you’ll save on your energy bills as well [...]

Perfect Flush – Toilet Water Saving Gadget

If you don’t have the money to upgrade your toilet cistern every few years, you’ve probably got a pretty water-inefficient toilet. Replacing the toilet is not a minor job, as a change in tanks might require the need for new [...]

Small Wonder – Electronic Hard Water Treatment Gadget

The Small Wonder device is a gadget that reduces limescale build up in your pipes by using electromagnetic fields to alter the chemical makeup of hard water. It’s the dissolved calcium and magnesium mineral salts that cause limescale to deposit [...]

Waterwall Fatboy Tank – Huge Rainwater Storage Vessels

The amusingly named Fatboy Tank is a large water vessel designed for your garden to store an impressive 650 gallons of harvested rain water. The tanks only measure 7’6″ (2.29m) w x 6’7″ (2m) h x 2’4″ d (0.71m) and [...]