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Water Saving

H2Orb – Gadget for detecting Toilet Leaks

The H2Orb is an eco-gadget that can be installed between the water supply and the toilet hose, with a special toilet bowl sensor and a tank sensor unit. With all of these sensors, the H2Orb can detect excessively running flushes, [...]

Zuvo Water Purator – 5-Step Water Filter

With the move towards using fewer plastic bottles, we’re encouraged to be drinking a lot more tap water. Although tap water in Europe and North America is perfectly safe to drink, some connoisseurs of drinking water don’t like the after-taste [...]

Energy Saving and Water Saving Smart Shower

The smart shower is a multi functional and energy saving shower desired for the James Dyson Awards. The shower uses heat exchanger technology to reduce energy consumption, and aerating shower heads to reduce water consumption. The shower has an integrated [...]

Ozone Generator for Water Sterilizer

A simple and effective way of sterilizing water is to bubble ozone through the water. Ozone (O3) is a form of Oxygen gas made from 3 Oxygen molecules. Ozone is a pretty strong oxidising agent, producing insoluble oxides from chemicals [...]

Loop – Greenhouse Water Saving Gadget

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be pretty useful for controlling pests and managing the environment for optimal growing conditions. However, greenhouses are usually humid due to water being evaporated and transpired by the plants. Loop is a water saving [...]

Air-Based PropelAir Toilet Flush System

The PropelAir uses just 1.5 litres of water to flush the bowl, compared to up to 9.5 litres of water used in conventional toilet cisterns! The toilet was designed by Phoenix Product Development. It works when the lid of the [...]