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Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch with me, the best way to do that is with the contact form at the bottom of the page below. I’ve also answered some of the questions I frequently get asked. Please read them before sending me an email.

Are you interested in information about new eco-friendly gadgets?

Yep! I sure am! If you have any information about a new eco-friendly gadget or technology, I’d love to hear about it.

I want you to review my new eco-friendly product…

Sure, I don’t charge for a basic review. If you want to send me freebies, please do! If you send me a gadget to review (to keep, or you pay the return postage for me to return it to you), I can typically do a much more detailed review. Reviews are honest. If I have concerns about the gadget, I’ll let you know before writing a review.

Just contact me, and I’ll let you know my home address so that you can send me your product.

How do I send you an eco-friendly product?

Generally speaking, by post or courier. However, I live in the United Kingdom, so anything sent to me from outside Europe will attract Import Duty or some other import-related tax. If you are keen to send me a sample from outside Europe, please be prepared to cover the cost of the tax when shipping the item. It avoids me having heart attacks when a parcel arrives!

Also, if you want to send me something, please actually send it. I get many many requests for a review, yet no product is ever sent to me.

What information do you need for a review?

Before I can do a review, I need the following information. If you are not able to provide all of the information listed below, the review will not be of interest to EnviroGadget readers, and I care about my readers!

  1. Technical specifications of the product
  2. At least 1 photo at high resolution (at least 600px by 600px)
  3. Pricing information
  4. Stockists of your product (ideally UK, US and EU)

Do you offer advertising?

Yes we do! Please see the advertising page for more details.

Do you do link exchanges?

Sorry, no. I get far too many requests for link exchanges, and almost every time I don’t get a worthwhile link in return. So there’s no benefit for EnviroGadget. Just for the record, link exchanges on blogrolls and link pages are worthless for SEO. They are more likely to get you penalised than anything else.

Do you allow guest articles?

Unfortunately, no, we don’t. This may change in the future however.

Are you happy for me to just copy and paste a standard email to you?

No, not really. I get 2-3 emails a day asking for free advertising. 95% of these emails have been copied and pasted into the form below. Generally speaking, unless you have taken the time to personalise a letter to me, I will probably ignore your email. Please take the time to actually write to me rather than spam me with press releases or standard templates.

I want to buy a product you feature on the site, could you give me a price list please?

I don’t sell the products on the site, I only review them. Please do not ask me for price lists, please contact the manufacturer directly.

How to get in touch…

contact us at [email protected]