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Eco Friendly Rickshaw Coined as Eclipse

Eco Friendly Rickshaw

According to local Indian sources about eco-friendly rickshaws, it has been told that district administration of Moga has launched the eco-friendly rickshaws and will be soon appearing on the Moga roads. With dual aim of better quality rickshaw and helping the poor rickshaw pullers, the administration of Moga has focused on a pilot project here on Sunday, where Dr. V N Zade, Direct commissioner, handed over five eco rickshaws cabs to the rickshaw pullers. Dr. Zade told that commuting on eco-friendly rickshaws is one of the most favored modes of travel for residents of India and travellers from abroad.

This eco-friendly Rickshaw is one of the only modes of transportation which doesn’t spread pollution. Its traditional design needed some changes and new designed offered by Moga administration is more eco-friendly and light weight, making it easy for rickshaw pullers to pull it fast on the roads.

Due to high traffic rush and resulting carbon footprints due to automobiles, we are approaching towards the next generation eco-friendly vehicles from Toyota, Ford and GM eco-friendly cars to latest designed eco-friendly rickshaws in India.

Using the eco-friendly materials and recycled polyethylene will take great part to remove the carbon footprints and avoid the use of automobiles which are directly causing the pollution. Dr. Zade along with Dr. Abhinav handed five rickshaws to pullers, whereas these pullers have been provided loan from Punjab and Sindh bank.

This rickshaw is similar to Eclipse found in Streets of Shanghai, China and New York. This is the primary mode of transportation in South American and Asian countries and worthy to mention as source of living hood for large population.

This innovative eclipse rickshaw has been made of aluminum and recycled polyethylene. Its structure is light weight and has curvy woven in insulated fabric. Weather proof vinyl has been used in seats to make them comfortable.

eclipse rickshaw

Other eco-friendly features included in this rickshaw are; a cooling fan along with cool set of speakers to keep your spirit high, fully closable panels on all sides, an iPod docking station and cup holder type bewildering on both sides.

Primarily designed by Kenneth Cobonpue, he is a master mind for creation of this design by high tech three wheelers. With its elegance talking over Cobonpue design, this gives clean green alternative to its modern day’s counterparts. The excited pullers told that till to the date, they were pulling ply rickshaws which they took on rent from other people, these new rickshaws offered will be great blessing for them and taking vital role for environmental protection.

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