Energy Efficient Appliances

Envirogadget Team | Feb 08, 2021

Best Energy Efficient Appliances

These appliances are among the best-reviewed and most popular of the energy-saving appliances. All of these products are made by well-known brands too, such as Morphy Richards and Kenwood.

Home appliances such as kettles, irons, vacuum cleaners and the rest are not exactly the most interesting of gadgets that you might want to buy.

However, just by choosing a more eco-friendly appliance when you next need an appliance, you’ll save a fortune in the reduced energy bills.

How are appliances more energy efficient?

Eco Irons

These green irons simply switch themselves off after a period of inactivity. This avoids wasting energy when they are not being used.

Eco Toasters

Eco toasters allow you to use just 1 slot at a time for toasting a single slice of toast, which saves 50% of the energy. Some models of the toaster will put a lid over the top of the cooking area so that less heat is wasted and cooking time is reduced.

Energy Saving Blankets

Eco Blankets use very thin wires to make the blanket heat more universally with less electricity. The blankets are also made from eco-friendly materials.

Energy Saving Hairdryers

Eco Hairdryers feature advanced airflow designs to improve how much heat is transferred from the hot element to the air coming out of the hairdryer. As a result, the element uses about half the energy compared to a standard hair dryer by using a 1kW heat element rather than a 2kW+ heat element.

Eco Kettles

Energy-saving kettles typically have a special graduated guide that helps you to measure exactly the amount of water you need. By only boiling the water you need, you save a considerable amount of energy. Green kettles have highly efficient heating elements that save around 35% of the energy compared to standard kettles.

The newest models of eco kettles also feature temperature control, so that you don’t boil water to 100 degrees Celsius, you just heat the water to the temperature you need. For a tea or coffee, you don’t actually need the water to be boiling to make a great cuppa!

Energy Saving Vacuum Cleaners

Eco Vacuum Cleaners have improved suction technology where the equivalent suction achieved in conventional vacuum cleaners is achieved, but by using a lower power motor. Eco-friendly vacuum cleaners use about 0.5kW to 1.5kW less compared to standard appliances. As a result, this is a significant energy saving.

Recommended Energy Efficient Appliances

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