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Current Cost ENVI Energy Monitor

Current Cost ENVI Energy Monitor

The ENVI is an energy monitor designed by Current Cost.  The system is connected to your electricity supply to provide you with information on your usage through a wireless display panel.

Current Cost ENVI Energy Monitor

The ENVI Energy Monitor comprises a sensor, a transmitter and a display unit. The sensor needs to be clamped around your electricity live feed (usually the cable coming out of the electricity meter in your house) and is connected to the transmitter. This transmitter sends all the data regarding your energy usage to the wireless display unit, which allows you to track energy usage up to 30 meters away from it.

The display unit provides you with many details regarding your electricity usage, for example it informs you of the cost of the current electricity drain. The display can provide the information in graph form, showing night, day and evening consumption. It can inform you of how this differs to previous consumption and it can also use stored information to forecast daily, weekly and monthly consumption and costs.

The ENVI Energy Monitor system will also be able to track up to 9 individual appliances and show their individual energy usage. This function requires individual appliance modules (IAMs). To function, these will need to be plugged into a UK 3-pin plug socket and have an appliance you wish to monitor plugged into them. These IAM plugs will be sold in sets of 3 separately to the device. The electrical usage information can also be displayed on a computer, though this will require purchasing a connecting data cable.

The system allows you to be aware of the energy usage of your house. It can help to show where energy is being wasted and make the whole household more aware of what they are using. It can show clearly how much of a difference a little effort can make, for example displaying the impact turning off lights or turning a TV fully off can make in terms of money spent. It can allow you to identify the devices in your home consuming the most electricity which can help you to use these less, or upgrade them to more energy efficient models. Through learning more about exactly how electricity is being used within a household you can identify ways of reducing your electricity usage and so lower your energy bills.

The ENVI Energy Monitor costs just £39.95 and is currently available with free delivery.

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