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Enviroplug – Mobile Phone Energy Saving Adapter

Enviroplug - Mobile Phone Energy Saving Adapter

The Enviroplug is an energy saving adapter for mobile phones. The plug adapter allows you to leave you mobile phone plugged in safe in the knowledge that once the phones battery has been fully changed the plug will stop any further ‘vampire’ drain of electricity.

The Enviroplug can help to save up to 90% of the electricity you would have otherwise used through your mobile phone charger. It achieves this due to its ability to cut the power going out of itself and to the device. The plug adapter features an LED light which visually displays what the plug is actively doing. When you first plug in your mobile phone charger and connect this to your phone to charge the LED will glow green, indicating that the plug is supplying electricity to charge the phones battery.

Once the battery is full, or even when the charger has been disconnected the LED will flash red to show that all power has been cut going out of the plug adapter. This ability can be overridden by turning the power to the plug adapter on, off and on again, when this override has been achieved the LED will constantly glow red.

Te reset the Enviroplug after it has charged your phone you do need to switch the power off and on again to it, or unplug and replug it. The plug adapter does use more electricity than a standard charger would when charging a phone, a standard charger draws around 2 watts an hour, the Enviroplug draws 2.8 watts an hour. This additional usage is soon mitigated by the saving of electricity that can be made.

Many people leave their phones to charge overnight even though phones are often charged within two hours. Each hour the phone is plugged in after full charge have been achieved the charger would usually draw 2 watts, where as the Enviroplug will only draw 0.35 watts an hour. For those that leave the charger constantly plugged in the amount of energy saved is substantially greater as a charger left plugged in but not connected to a mobile still uses about 24 watts over a 16 hour period. With the Enviroplug this amount is reduced to 0.8 watts in 16 hours.

The Enviroplug is a great device to help you prevent electricity needlessly being drawn. For those that leave their chargers constantly plugged in, or even for those that allow their phones to charge over night the plug adapter will help to reduce their electrical usage. This can add up to a substantial saving over a year and would help to reduce your carbon footprint.

The Enviroplug is very affordable at just £9.99 plus delivery.

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