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human powered gadgets

Human-Powered Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker

The is a ball that helps you to make ice cream through motion. The ball requires ice and salt to be put into one end and the ice cream ingredients to be put into the other. Through playing with the [...]

Hand-powered Windup Mobile Phone Charger

The is a perfect and affordable little gadget that allows you to top up your mobile phone using nothing but hand power. We’ve seen hand-powered chargers before, but this one stands out as it’s so cheap at just £5.99 (around [...]

Time Your Light – Clockwork Lighting

Designer Jasper Hou has come up with a clockwork LED-based lighting design. To activate the lights, you rotate the clockwork part of the light. As the dial unwinds, the energy released is used to power the internal LED lights. The [...]

3-in-1 Wind Up Radio with Torch and Emergency Siren

With this being the camping season, no doubt you’ll want to break the silence with some music. The is a perfect candidate for a campsite, since its waterproof, robust, features a strong aerial and uses hand power to charge the [...]

Solar Powered and Hand-crank LED Lantern

Hand-crank eco gadgets are definitely becoming more popular, and now there’s a Solar Powered and Hand-crank LED Lantern that combines a solar panel and a hand-powered charger into a free-standing camping lamp. The lamp can also be used to charge [...]

Orange Power Pump Charger for Glastonbury 2009

As part of their phone charger innovation work, Orange has come up with a compact mobile phone charger in the form of a foot pump gadget. Created by GotWind, the foot pump drives an air turbine which then charges your [...]