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SpinPOWER I4 – iPhone 4 Bicycle Charger Kit

The for the iPhone 4 allowing you to power your phone from an eco-friendly power source. The charger makes use of the kinetic energy of the bike moving, its wheels turning, by converting it into electricity that it can then [...]

Mooncharge – Solar Charger iPhone 4 Battery Case

The is a great device for protecting your iPhone 4 while providing you with an eco-friendly back up power supply. The case has an inbuilt solar panel that charges its internal battery, this power can then be used by your [...]

iFan – Wind Powered Charger Case for iPhones Concept

The iFan is a concept design for a case for an iPhone that uses a wind turbine to provide charge for your device. The iFan allows you to continually top up the charge of your iPhone while you are out [...]

Eco Charger with Apple Compatible Adapter for Cell Phone By Volt-Star

The allows you to charge your cell phone without any worries about unplugging the charger once the battery is fully charged. This charger  not only prevents the phone from being able to draw any additional charge but also helps to [...]

Energy Saving Mobile Phone Charger

The has been designed to provide a safe and simple way to charge a mobile while preventing any power drain once the device has been fully charged. The Green Mobile Phone Charger plugs into a standard UK 3-pin plug socket [...]

Bicycle Charger Kit By Nokia

The Bicycle Charger Kit is an easy to install kit that allows you to turn your pedaling power into an eco- friendly method of charging your mobile. This kit allows you to charge you phone while you are on the [...]