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Green up your Apple iPad with a Solar Charger

Apple fanatics worldwide have been anxiously waiting for the day that the iPad becomes available, and finally it’s here! The Apple iPad allows you to surf the Internet, read books, look at maps, and pretty much anything else you can [...]

PowerGorilla & SolarGorilla – Portable Charger For Laptops

The is a portable charger that is capable of charging anything from a laptop down to a mobile phone. With a substantial sized battery this charger can provide a laptop with an additional 2 to 5 hours of electricity. The [...]

Freeloader Globetrotter Kit

The has been designed to help those traveling the far reaches of the planet, or even just the deepest darkest depths of your own back yard.  The kit comes with everything you will need to take full advantage of the [...]

Freeloader Pro – Solar Powered Charger

The is a solar powered charger for portable electronic devices. This device is a more advanced model of a previously reviewed charger, the Freeloader.  This charger can be used with a wide range of portable electronic devices including digital cameras, [...]

Solio Mag – Solar Powered Charger

The is a solar powered hybrid charger by Solio. Designed to maximize efficiency by being both an incredibly powerful charger and a highly versatile one, the Mag is a modern looking charger for use on portable electronics anywhere. The is [...]

Freeloader Pico – Solar Powered Charger

The is a portable solar powered charger designed to charge mobile phones, iPods, GPS systems, and most other portable electronic devices. The Pico has advanced solar panel and battery technology to help provide a quick charging time for the devices [...]