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Infinit IV2.1 Solar Charger Backpack Review

Today I have the privilege of reviewing a stunning piece of eco-friendly gadgetry, namely the Infinit IV2.1 Solar Charger Backpack. The backpack features a large 2.4W solar panel, neatly integrated on the front of the bag. The solar panel is [...]

YoGen Hand-Powered Portable Gadget Charger

It was about a year ago when I reported on the YoGen Max, which is as foot-powered laptop charger. However, Easy Energy are at it again with their YoGen Hand-Powered Gadget Charger. The YoGen charger charges virtually any mobile gadget [...]

Freeloader Portable Universal Solar Charger

Got loads of portable gadgets? Finding a charger for all of your devices can be hard work, as they all have different adapters, voltages and current ratings. However, the allows you to exploit the sun’s energy to charge all of [...]

Powcell Solar-Powered iPhone Charger Sleeve

Solar charger gadgets are not exactly breaking news these days, but the Powcell solar charger is a little different in that its a bespoke case for an iPhone. The Powcell charger includes an internal battery which is charged via the [...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Phone Charger Dock

If you love a little DIY gadgetry, then take a look at this simple Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone Charger gadget. You put your mobile phone inside and connect it to the phone charger to charge it up. To electrically switch off [...]

Gobe Solar-Panel Suitcase and Powerpack

We have so many electronic gadgets these days, but truly portable solar charger system are not particularly common yet. However, the GoBe solar charger kit supports a range of devices, and comes with a handy briefcase for the solar panels, [...]