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phone charger

Dyson Energy Bracelet – Wrist Phone Charger

The Dyson Energy Bracelet is a pretty novel gadget that uses the thermoelectric effect to generate electricity to charge up your cell phone. Due to a difference in temperature between the surface of the skin and the ambient environment, a [...]

Mini Kin Personal Wind Turbine Charger

The is a mini wind turbine that contains a 1500mAh lithium polymer battery to charge up your various gadgets whilst being green at the same time. The MiniKin charger comes with a number of holders so that you can catch [...]

Orange Power Pump Charger for Glastonbury 2009

As part of their phone charger innovation work, Orange has come up with a compact mobile phone charger in the form of a foot pump gadget. Created by GotWind, the foot pump drives an air turbine which then charges your [...]

Self-Powered Emergency Radio with Flashlight

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, then you probably don’t have access to a power outlet. However, if you can’t live without a radio or flashlight, then the might appeal to you. The radio has the standard built-in [...]

One-size-fits-all powermonkey eXplorer Solar Charger

With all the solar chargers hitting the market, the is a very full-featured charger gadget that easily beats the competition when it comes to features. Essentially the charger will charge up every phone, games console, MP3 player, etc that you [...]

Nokia KIT Eco Charger

The Nokia KIT Eco Charger is an energy saving phone charger that will automatically switch itself off when the phone is fully charged. This means you can leave the charger plugged in all night, and it will only be switched [...]