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Free Solar Energy Station for Busy Cities

The Free Solar Energy Station is a concept that is made for open public and commercial spaces, such as city centres. The solar station would allow anyone to charge up their mobile phones, MP3 players and other gadgets for free [...]

Sol Jüs Solar Charger and Torch

The Sol Jüs Solar Charger and Torch is yet another solar-powered charger, but has 3 solar panels to maximise charging performance. It has a USB socket that allows virtually any USB-charged device to be charged up using the Sol Jüs. [...]

Solar Ski Jacket – Eco-Friendly, Stylish and Pricey

Of all the places to have a solar panel, a jacket is not exactly my first choice. The solar ski jacket features a neoprene collar with solar panels stitched into them. The solar panels can then be used to charge [...]

Dance Charge – Charge your phone whilst you dance

Orange have announced the release of an eco friendly gadget prototype, a charging device that is powered by movement or “dance energy”. The concept uses a collection of magnets and coils to generate electricity from movement; the same principle used [...]