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Guest Articles

ATT is Moving Towards Being Eco-Friendly

One of USA’s most popular and leading mobile carrier ATT is moving towards being Eco-friendly by implementing a host of business practices that are geared towards a healthier and safer environment. Let’s take a look at how they are doing [...]

Reducing our Paper Consumption

World over, people are becoming more environment conscious, and there is a greater awareness on conserving the environment, and reducing pollution.  Small changes that we can incorporate in our daily life can make a great impact on the environment. It’s [...]

The Pedal Boat Gets a Solar Powered Boost

They say that inventors should find a need and fill it. I don’t know who needs a solar boosted pedal boat, but a design concept for one exists nonetheless. The boat features a center cockpit where up to four passengers [...]

What green groups expecting from 2012 Farm Bill?

Similar to so many legislative policies currently passed by Washington, D.C, Green groups are mixed on decision of farm bill and towards its way to vote in senate floor. There are some of the conversation bright spotted in the bill, [...]

SolarPod Portable Solar Generator Briefcase

The solarpod from Thousand Suns is marketed as a self sufficient portable energy source; ideal for boaters, festival goers and campers! The solarpod is cleverly packaged in a robust looking flight case and our test model was supplied with the [...]

Green up your Apple iPad with a Solar Charger

Apple fanatics worldwide have been anxiously waiting for the day that the iPad becomes available, and finally it’s here! The Apple iPad allows you to surf the Internet, read books, look at maps, and pretty much anything else you can [...]