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Articles in the ‘Guest Articles’ Category

ATT is Moving Towards Being Eco-Friendly

By Anny on April 5th, 2013

One of USA’s most popular and leading mobile carrier ATT is moving towards being Eco-friendly by implementing a host of business practices that are geared towards a healthier and safer environment.

Let’s take a look at how they are doing it.

1) Moving towards paperless billing: Paper bills for a premier carrier such as ATT having millions of phone lines do consume large amounts of paper every month. An estimated 17.2 million customers opted to receive an electronic bill as opposed to a paper bill by the end of 2011. Thanks to unique marketing efforts and consumer education, this has reduced an enormous amount of paper consumption-which means lesser trees to be cut and more oxygen to the planet. ATT allows users to easily opt for an e-bill, with a facility to download up to 16 past statements online.

ATT is moving towards being Eco-Friendly

2) ATT plans to invest about $565 million to deploy vehicles running with alternate fuels by 2018. Towards the end of 2011 their fleet has about 3469 vehicles running on compressed natural gas which means less dependence on diesel and also lesser pollution.

3) Solar panels are being introduced in their offices to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources. In the year 2011 their total carbon offset was the equivalent of the carbon dioxide  generated by 430 cars annually.

4) A new accessory packaging sourced from 30% plant based materials such as ethanol from sugarcane has resulted in saving about 50 tons of paper and plastic in packaging.

5)  A major cell phone recycling program has collected about 3 million phones and 1.7 million pounds of batteries and accessories which would have otherwise ended up being burnt or in a landfill. This adds up to a staggering saving in terms of reduced carbon footprint and lesser pollution.

For more details on their sustainable practices, access the below link.

Reducing our Paper Consumption

By Anny on December 23rd, 2012

World over, people are becoming more environment conscious, and there is a greater awareness on conserving the environment, and reducing pollution.  Small changes that we can incorporate in our daily life can make a great impact on the environment. It’s not about how much we have conserved, or how less have we polluted, but it’s all about the conscious effort we need to make in all our actions. Little actions can make us do our bit to the save nature, and a chain of such actions can lead to multiplied results, a greener environment, and most importantly-increase awareness.

Reducing our paper consumption

Even since the advent of computers, the old fashioned files and folders have made way to databases and emails. We are now more used to communicate through emails then by letters, we see more of news online then by reading a paper. We see more advertisements in our email folders then in handbills. A digital signature validates our online credentials just as a signature on a paper would do. We extensively use internet banking, reducing our visits to the bank. All of them are proof of the way we are slowly replacing paper as our chosen means of communication.

Lesser paper usage means lesser cutting of trees, lesser paper making plants which means less energy consumption, and lesser pollution. Also lesser cost of transportation saves fuel too. Indirectly, such initiatives by us help conserve the environment by protecting trees, help decrease energy consumption either by usage of machinery or transport and when that is done, we pollute the environment in a lesser way. So for all of you readers reading this post online-you too are doing a part in saving the environment.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we have almost given up on writing letters and communicating by paper, except in situations where they are mandatory. However, this only means that we are conserving our green resources, but are also using other energy sources instead which still need a fuel to run on. We cannot also compare the usage of energy sources against conservation of nature, as they are two different entities. But the energy used in writing an email or doing a money transfer online is much lesser when compared to driving to an office and doing a paper transaction. Hence, we must in all our daily routines, whether personal or business, decrease paper consumption wherever possible, and do our part to save nature.

So… for all you email and internet aficionados—you might have saved many tress till date. However, the global demand for paper, after removing the recycled components is a staggering 400 million tons- which means about 4 billion trees being felled. The best we can do is to further reduce our paper consumption, move towards using the digital media for advertizing and communication, and lastly-plant as many trees as possible, so we have the correct ecological balance.


The Pedal Boat Gets a Solar Powered Boost

By Anny on July 23rd, 2012

Pedal Boat

They say that inventors should find a need and fill it. I don’t know who needs a solar boosted pedal boat, but a design concept for one exists nonetheless. The boat features a center cockpit where up to four passengers can sit, alternating pedaling duties in two-person shifts. When you get tired (which should be after only a few minutes), switching to solar power can help lighten the load. I’m not sure if this concept will ever see the light of day, but in a world filled with non-solar powered pedal boats, it would be a welcome improvement. (more…)

What green groups expecting from 2012 Farm Bill?

By Anny on June 22nd, 2012

Farm Bill

Similar to so many legislative policies currently passed by Washington, D.C, Green groups are mixed on decision of farm bill and towards its way to vote in senate floor. There are some of the conversation bright spotted in the bill, but question to be answered is; Are there enough and do they go far enough? The nonprofit group, EWG things that unfortunately the bill would not as much good as the harm it would be.  (more…)

GreenSmart turn coke bottles into laptop bags

By Anny on June 19th, 2012

laptop bags

Plastic bottles are among the top disposable stuff which is contributing in increased pollution and it is important to give them a second life. From a company that is serious about saving the environment, comes a line of gear for transporting your laptops.

GreenSmart has sent us their Mandrill laptop bag, which is named after the largest species of monkey, and is also endangered. With the Mandrill, you can store your sweatshirt or a pair of shoes under the bungee cord on the front. Your laptop has its own separate access garage that will fit up to a 16″ laptop comfortably. The Mandrill gives you a large mid-section for your notebooks or texts and a front pocket for the smaller items, along with two side pockets for bottles or cellphones. (more…)

SolarPod Portable Solar Generator Briefcase

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 27th, 2011

SolarPod Portable Solar Generator Briefcase - Set-up

The solarpod from Thousand Suns is marketed as a self sufficient portable energy source; ideal for boaters, festival goers and campers! The solarpod is cleverly packaged in a robust looking flight case and our test model was supplied with the optional integrated 15 watt solar panel built into its lid. (more…)

Green up your Apple iPad with a Solar Charger

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 10th, 2010

Apple iPad

Apple fanatics worldwide have been anxiously waiting for the day that the iPad becomes available, and finally it’s here! The Apple iPad allows you to surf the Internet, read books, look at maps, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Those who are concerned for the environment are thrilled by the fact that the iPad is more eco-friendly than most electronic devices. Apple has worked hard to design the iPad with features that will reduce its environmental impact.

What can you do to add to the ‘green’ factor of the Apple iPad? One thing you can do is invest in a solar charger. Now readers of EnviroGadget are no strangers to solar chargers, or using them for their gadgets and homes. The iPad boasts an impressive battery that will last 10 hours between charges. However, if you are often traveling, camping, or enjoying areas that have a severe lack of electrical outlets, or you just want to stay off the grid, then a solar charger is going to be essential. It may not be as fast as a wall socket, but hey, it’s green environmentally friendly! Plus… as I think we can all agree, solar chargers are just cool. (more…)

Eco Tutor: Solar Heating for your Home

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on December 19th, 2008

Solar Heater Diagram

This guest article was kindly written by Ron Bean of The Green Chameleon. It’s a great introduction to domestic Solar Heating and how it all works.

It’s that time of year again – time to break out the sweaters, winter coats and watch those winter heating bills go up every month. Chances are that along with those monthly energy bills, you’re also contributing to global warming.

If your home uses a conventional gas-fired furnace, or fuel-oil, both of which are fossil fuels, which generate greenhouse gases. If you have electric heat, you are indirectly generating greenhouse gases, since the electricity needed to power electric heaters is often provided by coal-burning electric power plants.

But what if you could keep your home toasty warm all winter long, generate zero greenhouse gases and your monthly heating bill was zero? That’s right, I said zero – as in nada, nothing at all. (more…)