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Articles in the ‘Go Green’ Category

Yellow Pages Goes Green: A Digital Solution to Going Green

By admin on April 6th, 2016

When it comes to business and residential phone directory listings, who ever even looks or even thinks of a print phone book anymore? They’re obsolete, as well as harmful to the environment both during manufacture and after they’ve been discarded to rot in a landfill by the thousands. No, with the omnipresence these days of smartphones, iPads, and just about any other electronic device you can think of, digital is clearly the way to go when it comes to getting the information you need, and there’s no better way to do it than with, a massive business directory website at the forefront of the environmentally-conscious “Green” movement.
An innovator in digital business and telephone directory listings and an advocate for staunch environmentalism, is a cutting-edge website that delivers over 28.5 million up-to-the-minute Yellow and White page listings of businesses and residences throughout the United States. Whereas print directories are often out-of-date within weeks or even days of their publication and use up valuable natural resources in both their creation and disposal, is a fast, convenient, and easy way to access the information people need to find the goods and services that they want.’s listings are updated constantly every day, always ensuring their users will have the most accurate information and listings are any and all times; in an unstable national economy where businesses open and close ever day, consumers clearly need a more flexible and dynamic solution to their directory needs, and provides it in spades. In addition, users not only have the ability to search listings, but to add and maintain their own as well with downloadable Apps available for Apple digital devices – including iPhones and iPads – giving consumers the power of in the palm of their hand wherever they go.

Okay, so you’ve been sold on going digital for your business and residential directory needs, but how do you stop the delivery of those pesky and wasteful print phone books that keep on landing on your stoop, year after year? Well, Yellow Pages Directory Inc. – owner of both and – offers an environmentally-friendly Web-based alternative to paper telephone directories while providing a simple and convenient mechanism for customers to opt out from the receipt of printed yellow books. Both web sites have been instrumental in promoting opt-out awareness across the United States over the past several years, and allowing users to reduce their own environmental footprints in the process. is THE place to go when you need information in a fast, easy, and effective manner that puts the sustainability of our planet first and foremost. They continue to push their vitally-important environmental agenda via their award-winning ‘green’ blog, and their strong support of the nation-wide opt-out movement allows citizens an easy and fast way to cancel home delivery of print telephone directories and help curb pollution and waste.

Remember, every little bit helps; a print phone book by itself may not seem like it would have much of an impact on the environment, but imagine the hundreds of thousands of them that are made – and thrown out – each and every year, and you’ll get the picture. Go digital with and save the environment and a headache!

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5 Things You Need for Green Living

By admin on June 18th, 2015

Are you trying to be more environmentally friendly in your everyday life, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to cleanse your body from toxins and chemicals or do your part in helping the earth flourish. Start by adding these five items into your lifestyle and you will start to see the big difference that little things can make.

1. A blender

Invest in a good-quality juicer, blender or food processor so that you can make more of your own food from scratch. Cooking with a blender is a lot easier than you think, it makes flavours stronger, and since you’re adding fresh ingredients, you will know exactly what is in your food. Make your own juices, smoothies, juices, desserts, sauces, soups and salad dressings from fresh produce, minimising waste, packaging and transportation costs.

2. Eco-friendly beauty products

If you use generic supermarket makeup you may be surprised to find that they can be packed with chemicals, toxins and artificial ingredients. Opt for skincare, makeup and beauty products that are natural, organic and eco-friendly. To be more cost-effective, add your new products into your beauty routine as your current products run out. Look to eco-friendly retailers such as Biome for good quality, Australian products. Your skin will be glowing and looking younger because thanks to your healthier beauty routine.

3. A bike

Have you considered riding to work instead of driving or catching public transport? If you live within a 10 kilometres of your workplace, invest in a good bike and pedal your way to work at least a couple of times a week. You’ll be able to avoid traffic jams, get your daily exercise and contribute to creating a sustainable planet for future generations by reducing pollution and reliance on fossil fuels. Riding your bike to work will also make you feel more energised to start your day, and you will find that afternoon slump a thing of the past.

3. Veggie Patch


Whether you live in an apartment, town house or a large home in suburbia, you can always find a way to grow your own herbs and vegetables. An indoor herb garden can sit on your windowsill or a vertical herb garden can hang in your outdoor terrace. If you have a backyard, build your own veggie patch from sleepers, adding strawberries, carrots, tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs. You will find you will start saving a lot of money on supermarket produce, and your homegrown veggies will keep for much longer. Put your green thumb to work and you will be living green in no time.

4. Fresh Air

Embrace the fresh air and outdoors as much as possible, your body and the environment will thank you. Open your windows and let the breeze in rather than turning on the air conditioning: you will reduce your reliance on the grid and save money on your electricity bill.

There are a lot of ways your lifestyle can grow to become more green, so start small and substitute more eco-friendly products into your routine wherever you can. Small things can add up to make a big difference for you and the planet.

Green Battery Powered from By a Plant Extract

By Anny on March 22nd, 2013

We all are familiar with the standard lithium ion batteries which are used in a variety of appliances in our daily life. The involve use of lithium compounds an as electrode. Lithium and similar elements used in such applications are not easily available and mining and extraction of lithium consumes a lot of energy which in turn adds to the carbon footprint of the battery manufacturing cycle. Also recycling lithium releases  a lot of carbon dioxide into the air which in turn causes a lot of pollution.

Scientists at Rice University  of New York and US Army Research Laboratory have designed a battery which uses Purpurin-a derivative of the madder root which is used in fabric dyeing. Madder roots have been used as a coloring agents since 3000 years and can provide orange, red and pink hues when used in different proportions

Green Battery powered from by a plant extract

An extract of the dye-Purpurin is said to have properties similar to lithium electrodes such as carrying carbonyl and hydroxyl groups in the process of electrolysis. In standard batteries the electrodes are immersed in electrolytic solution and ions move from one electrode to the other creating a current. This current comes out of the electrode panels of the battery to run our appliances.

The core compound used here is chemically lithiatedPurpurin (CLP-where Purpurin is treated with lithium salts to create a material for the electrode) which is derived from the madder root. The project is being worked upon and it would take some more years for it to be made for commercial uses. However, it can for sure reduce our dependence on Lithium and cobalt metals for batteries and would also reduce the carbon footprint of the battery manufacturing cycle. Do watch out this space for more news on the Green Battery.

Styrofoam Environmental Affects and it’s Elimination

By Anny on March 12th, 2013

Styrofoam Environmental affects and it’s Elimination

The Styrofoam is an environment killer!!!!

The Styrofoam has been now to as it has done many detrimental things on our earth, there are still few aware about harmful nature of Styrofoam and its impact on our environment. Knowing about impact of Styrofoam will help the individuals to find different ways of minimizing the Styrofoam damages. Nowadays, Styrofoam has become a common use product and one would not stop using it once its negative impact are brought forward and told to every individual.  The Styrofoam is a polystyrene made product, which is taken from petroleum based plastic and we can say that Styrofoam is used as trade name of polystyrene.

Styrofoam is highly used because of its insulation properties and being lightweight. It can easily keep the products hot or cold and helpful or shipment of the products without adding more weight. After its years of usage, now environmental agencies have found that Styrofoam has many hazardous and harmful effects on the environment. The environmental and health concerns of Styrofoam start with its use and manufacturing process. While manufacturing the polystyrene, the styrene is used as primary ingredient.

International Agency for Research on Cancer and EPA has found styrene as a human carcinogen- substance causing cancer. Many individuals who had been dealing in manufacturing process of styrene were studied and following health problems had been found during the research study;

–    Gastrointestinal effects

–    Irritation of Upper respiratory tract

–     Irritation of eyes and skin

–     Effect on nervous system and chronic exposure led to weakness, fatigue, headache, depression and affected the kidney functions.

The Styrofoam is resistant to photolysis and therefore it appears to last forever in landfills. The Styrofoam is unaffected through breaking down of material by protons and its lightweight and floats on the landfills over the passage of time. THE EPA researchers told that a great deal of polystyrene has been accumulated in waterway and coats and causing damage for the living beings. EPA studies also told that styrene has been found as main component of marine debris and death threat for marine life.

The recycling process of Styrofoam is also ending up because individuals in many regions have been told that such wastes will not be accepted by landfills and if they are recycled, they are used for manufacturing of packing filters and cafeteria trays. The National bureau of Standard Center for Fire Research has told that air pollution is also a major problem because of polystyrene along with its health risks associated.

Styrofoam Environmental affects and it’s Elimination

During the manufacturing process of Styrofoam, more than 57 chemical by products are produced. These chemicals will not only pollute the air but also those solid and liquid wastes to which they will react.  Styrofoam also adds the bromine retardants which have been found harmful for health and environment.  Hydro fluorocarbons are also used in manufacturing process of Styrofoam which has negative impacts on ozone layer and cause global warming. Another reason that Styrofoam is harmful for the environment is its manufacturing through non-sustained petroleum sources.

Tallest Sears tower in United States Go Green

By Anny on February 22nd, 2013

In United States, the Sears Tower is the tallest building and will be getting a green makeover over in next five years. According to Green Roofing research department, this phenomena is more eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment. . Buildings nationwide are the cause, according to the U.S Department of State, for 36 percent of overall energy use, 65 percent of electricity consumption, 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and 12 percent of water use in America! The impact of this new renovation will definitely be huge in a good way.

This green transformation will be a huge investment and expected to cost $350 m. To insure the warmer winter and cooler summers, about 16,000 windows will be changed with modern paneled glass instead of tinted single pane windows and an insulated layer will keep the temperature unaffected from outside.

The solar panels, wind turbines and eco roofs will be added to the building for complete transformation and this will decrease the energy usage up to 80 percent as well as use of water in next four years. Some relative expenses estimate has been added for upgrading of lighting, escalators and elevators. This will add to the environmental beauty and protection, as well as a great example for the community. This will create 4,000 more jobs and opportunity for the investments. While this summer, 110 story skyscrapers of US will get a new name as Willis Tower.

Once you visit this windy city and have to stay in a hotel, a better suggestion is to stay in adjacent 50 story hotel that will be located beside Sear Towers after transformation. This eco-friendly hotel will be constructed on north east of Sears Tower and will operate on Solar and wind power sources to make efforts for net zero energy usage. It is predicted that new Willis skyscraper will be a big addition to eco improvements in United States and here are major changed that would be brought to the new building green transformation; Granite plaza to be replaced with green space, new retail, permeable pavement and, along Adams Street, a solar-powered digital display for news and event information.

In sears towers complete green transformation process, there would be many steps included, like mechanism to save the fuel cell technologies, use of new water savers in bathrooms and where there is huge use of water, adjusting the elevators power to turn on and off when they required, use of hot solar water panels on top floor to heat up the water for use, changing the 16,000 windows and metals used panels to decrease energy consumption up to 70% etc.

Also bicycling, bicycles sharing, lessening use of paper and hazardous materials, recycling increased use and green roofing will be adding in the project. The renewable energy sources of wind and solar will completely cover the roofs and facilitate with 24 hours renewable energy for the building.  Sears Tower transformation will be an encouraging idea for other skyscrapers and definitely a big step making the world a greener place.

NGOs Committed To Rescue Abandoned Lots in Brooklyn

By Anny on February 14th, 2013

NGOs committed to rescue abandoned lots in Brooklyn

A non-profit group has committed to rescue the abandoned lots in Brooklyn, stated in New York Times. While its first anniversary was celebrated a month before, 596 acres of land was found in this countdown which was neglected lands lots in Brooklyn.

This non-profit group has motivated the neighbors of unused land lots currently owned by different agencies and individuals to adopt them as green spaces in urban areas. This firm has also done great achievement through online map of the unused plots and also developed a mobile application about it.

In Big Application Contest, this mobile application won the best award of $ 4,000 as being the most beneficial green application. This 596 acres mobile application gives information about contact numbers and names of agencies who owe the neglected land areas.

This mobile application will inform the individuals or groups who are interested to adopt a nearby unused portion of the land and wish to transform them under the projects. A non-profit group who initially started these services has now expanded the operations beyond Brooklyn and also has added the Queens ad Manhattan under its focus of lands transformation in urban areas.


An unused portions of 596 acres a big thing, a considerable portion of land to be considered. A big problem of urban capes will be solved with sustainable approach of matching up the neglected and identified lots with community clusters. If we don’t consider these 596 acres of unused lots for orphaned spaces in urban areas, we consider how career paths these unused areas would have;

  1. Neglected land areas look more like the rock quarries once they are unused for longer time. Unused building construction materials, broken pieces of concrete and rubber trash, heaps of broken things pile up with time in large quantities and nearby buildings look like eyesores with passage of the time. Unused lands rescue group will transform these quasi rock quarries into galleries, play grounds and film screening views.
  2. Used unused areas in urban centers gather heaps of the rubbish and serve as breeding nurseries for mosquitoes and other harmful germs. Although they are effected in same was for mosquitoes in cities like other places but they remain untreated years after years. These places will be redeemed as green urban lots under these group efforts. Those with the initiative take hold of these places and turn them into green farms, community gardens, and vegetable patches.
  3. Abandoned lots work as magnets for debris and for the first sight, they are piece of the garbage and with passage of time, this unused portion of land will gather rich quantity of trash. This includes decomposing food waste, which might attract flies, rats, and cockroaches. Who hasn’t seen a telltale cloud of flies and insects hovering over one of the many abandoned lots in cities? Instead, these abandoned urban spaces are being cleaned and converted into spaces for dog runs, meeting spaces, and outdoor movie theaters.

Some patches of land will also be comprised after growing of population and new industries in urban areas, but what potential uses we have today with such unused lots in urban cities.

GreenPeace Rolling Sunlight unit to Provide Power to Sandy Victims

By Anny on February 6th, 2013

GreenPeace Rolling Sunlight unit to provide power to Sandy Victims

The sandy has been ended with month of October but still there are many areas which remained a question to be solved. Many regions of United States which were affected with hurricane sandy remained devastated after weeks of the storms. Many states, cities and town were subjected to Hurricane sandy, resulting in $50 million damages only in United States. Power issue is the top priority along with huge constructions damage, but a temporary solution of power would be helpful. Many Government and NGOs worked parallel to get rid of this external unpredicted damage. Still efforts of Greenpeace are unmatchable because of its energy generators deployment around the effected States.

Rolling Sunlight generations are a quick solution for power issue and eco-friendly friend for Americans. It was quite challenging to restore the power beyond New York due to Hurricane Sandy damages, because energy infrastructure was highly subjected the storms and resulting big volume of damages. After sandy stopped its onslaught, Rockaway left without power for all the week and most of the everyday activities had been affected and almost damages.

More power delay brought more economic and practical losses and some power stations worked really hard to bring emergency backup for the citizens. In those areas where power startup was a difficult task, GreenPeace started a rolling sunlight generator to help the victims. How far we have talked about and seen the green energy alternatives, where they had gone during such emergency days? Thankful to GreenPeace that has decided to roll out a rolling sunlight unit and 24 hours electric power availability to some of the needed camps and sights away from the cities.

Rolling sunlight is a special green vehicle introduced by GreenPeace to offer as much energy as offered by a standard grid in those areas where primary power source has been damaged or not available. This vehicle was introduced about a year ago and in last many years it was used to provide power source in special events like press conferences and concerts. This power vehicle looks similar to a simple truck through one side, but its solar power panels are visible on the top. This GreenPeace initiative has been set at 50 kilowatt-hours, so it remains operational for a whole day.

GreenPeace Rolling Sunlight unit to provide power to Sandy Victims

The power system used in Rolling sunlight is not a mystery, it is a similar solar energy system which bunch of the charging batteries and other needed components for working of solar energy, that have been light to transport through truck. However, we praise this simple idea of energy deployment; it’s brilliant. A rolling sunlight can be easily placed without diesel generator and easily places to eco-friendly and safe energy everywhere. In those cities where fuel is still a problem as future heavy consumption, this eco-friendly truck is a sign of the happiness.

The Rolling Sunlight unit that was deployed in New York City to power just one station, but it worked so effectively and provided the power more than six days.  It’s good to know that innovations like these can be made to aid in relief efforts after such natural disasters. We just hope that there are more eco-friendly units like the Rolling Sunlight that will provide emergency power in case of such natural disasters.

This weekend with Fun and Eco Romance

By Anny on January 23rd, 2013

There has been nothing so beautiful then in love; holding hands in the park or talking on the phone, romantic talk with butterflies in your stomach. Whether a love lasts for a year or lifetime, there has been nothing beautiful and satisfying than anything else. Lots of the couples are budget conscious and also love to celebrate their valentine day with all romantic gestures and spend all the holiday with great pleasures and fun. Spending the weekend with your loved one would make you conscious if you studied the green technology, going green and all about environmental issues.

Time to think out of the box and surprise your partner unexpectedly with an eco romance and portray to the world that going green have much fun while they are being with their love, quite funny!! Yes. The organic makeup, eco-friendly dressing, low carbon footprint automobile or preferring to use a carriage, cycle for tour would be really amazing and a long memorable journey.  Start from your eco-friendly foot and buy an eco-friendly organic chocolate. Now there are tremendous brands of chocolates in the market today and you will find many at any online store or food store. You both may enjoy the taste and feel better with organic chocolate.

Save the energy resources and high consumption today by introduction candles light to your romantic evening and your loved one’s mood would be smiling indeed to watch this all. A good suggestion is to select the toxic free candles and save more. The organic candles are not costly and you can easily buy from any local store. There is no other way to express your love then to touch the hands of your love, better to give a neck or back organic massage and it would offer more freshmen and lots of health benefits.

Get a bath with some organic rose petals or add some natural aroma and lavender in your water before taking bath. Also add some organic flowers petals for fragrance because those flowers you buy from outside have pesticides and may start irritation for the skin.
If you really want to Go Green, start a picnic and bring some utensils and usable plates in a small basket or also bring healthy vegetables you grown in your garden and cook some delicious dishes and enjoy it with your loved one. Also add the organic wine in your basket too!! Prefer an organic coffee you make yourself instead of visiting the starbucks and getting an expensive coffee. Find a bench in the park where you visit, chat with love and watch the people.

Bike riding is a real fun and also it passes the day amazing when you are with your love. It will save the extra cost you bear for gasoline for your car and also helpful for environment, by reducing the carbon footprints. Protect the environment; take care of the wildlife and greenery. When you are with your loved one, visit the wildlife and plant a tree, it would be the memory of your love and also visit a local nursery for searching the healthy plants for your garden. Write the love notes, because they are sign of the true relationship and make your all day joyful.

Green energy- Is this a Matter of Economy and Costs

By Anny on January 21st, 2013

Tell me about cost of energy? We know that renewable source before and you, I and that man in Clapham know a lot about expensive energy resources, depletion of resources and cheap energy alternatives, but why we need to change our approach towards green energy? Will this not cost us more? An important thing to understand is cost of green energy on economy. Green energy has become a famous word for jargon talk and it’s important to add here critical reviews about renewable energy sources along with its first polished shine.

Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

As we have guesses, answer is itself the explanation and energy is literally powering the modern world where all the work would stuck once this source has been stopped to generate more power. If you are standing in a supermarket or some big fashion plaza where thousand apparel shops and suddenly power cut, how they managed and how badly it affected the whole process? Sure only they just turn on the emergency lights with no air conditions, freezers or other such equipment to turn on when generators or UPS have been working. This is a trilling and pretty quick response to such unpleasant situation.

When you are experiencing the products with their price tags, you may found that no products have anything so quaint as their sales prices and of course bar codes will be hard to read, even computers would not able to function properly for tracking record of the stock when bar-code scanners are not working on alternative energy. It means all the work has been stopped and powered off.  Without a power source, what would be happened to our all infrastructure; our communication, factories, hospitals, schools and colleges and all the researches would be ended and human beings would be counting stars like centuries before people used to do in absence of power in darkness all night. If all the energy stops, our world would grinds to juddering stop and turn to Dark Age in a day.

Believe me if price of energy gets upward trend till a big value where people may find it too costly, the demand for energy would not still cut down and there would be a profound effect on economic activity at that supply-demand level. It’s not an abstract view about energy demand but its true to evaluate how this folk would work actually, our future, raising children, groceries and communication with one another, all this primary things would be affected without energy power source.

Increasing prices of Energy and major Impacts

Increasing energy prices will lead to inflation and even per unit cost will increase for manufacturers and traders of goods and services. A decrease in availability of energy would lead to slow supply of goods and services, affecting the businesses and in our jargon words, lol, economic development would stop and all the output would decrease. Renewable energy projects are quite essential and also they are alternative sources available to fulfill emergency energy needs.


Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

A high predictive demand and productivity would lead to high completion of future projects and depending on alternative energy source and continuing the existing business plans with smooth investment in alternative energy sources.

This drag on growth and productivity inevitably gives rise to gloomy projections for the future, derails existing business plans and puts investment on hold. A downward spiral could develop as negative sentiments become self-fulfilling prophecies and it’s hardly surprising that the technical terms for what could await are “great recession” or worse “depression”.

But in fast pace world where developed countries have more smooth energy production techniques and ready alternatives, it doesn’t stop with just those countries that under the great energy demands and still unaffordable to convert to clean and green energy because of its huge start-up and supporting costs. Now nations have been professional and mature to understand that they are directly or indirectly depending on their neighbor nations and for smooth economic development and their survival, they need to share their energy production to bring more profit and peaceful foreign relations.

Green energy is here an umbrella energy source instead of that fuels burning minerals, means not here the coal, oil or gas fuels. Some guys will here also interrupt us and argue for nuclear energy to be not a clean source due to its CO2 credentials, because it is also mining and burning a mineral, the uranium resource which has already its scarcely available in the world.

There are three broad criteria that most green energy sources have in common. They are not finite in supply; they don’t pollute and specifically don’t increase atmospheric CO2 levels; most places on Earth are able to access some form of green energy (unlike oil which is unevenly distributed)

Green energy- Is this a matter of Economy and Costs

We have been depending on only few foreign countries for energy sources once our own resources have been depleted, but it will be all ended in next hundred years or some more than this. At that stage, the availability of green energy will be greater advantage for the nations.

The depletion of domestic energy sources depletion means creating the new ones instead of depending on others. Our great desire is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and lower down the value of pollutants in air. When green groups first started with their ideas, there had been less government support, but now there are many attractive options available to them with fund and federal grants. How government ensure the possibility of funds and zeal for green energy would be helpful for green future.

The green energy intervention is depending heavily on developed countries and need to be promoted to the other regions of the world. A major reason that would affect more would be wealth with new businesses and jobs springing up. But if you consider that this could be not only a global initiative, but also a fundamental structural shift on a par with the Industrial Revolution or the advent of the digital era, then you can begin to appreciate the scale of the opportunity that “green energy” represents for the world economy.

Going Green on Budget…!!!

By Anny on January 7th, 2013

Going Green on Budget...!!!

It is an evident that conversion to green technology will require additional costs either its technology conversion or transfer of our current energy resources to more sophisticated and advanced renewable resources of power generation. Current electricity generation power plants are not cost-effective but renewable resources of energy are also not in reach of the individuals till affordable alternatives are provided to the individuals.

When desired benefits are large, Green technologies need more investment today from human beings, that’s extra large, e. g new electric hybrid cards or installation of solar panels at home. But it doesn’t mean that you have to not care for the environment. It is a promise we have done today to start protecting our environment and goes green and all what mankind need are some great ideas to be inspired and adopt the green energy.

Interest in green energy depends on their lucrative uses, like low consumption electric cars or effective and efficient energy through wind and solar power plants. It will not require really a big investment to start the green ideas, but transferring from conventional to new transportation in some places will really cost more, e. g the conversion of sears towers to complete green.  The budget cut down is also possible if new ideas are effective to drop down the initial costs.

Around the world, the rising costs of energy along with congestion of traffic and petroleum resources depletion is the great problem to be solved today. On one hand where increasing traffic and high fuel consumption are adding to pollution level, buying the electric green cars is not an easy one. You may buy the insurance once you buy a green electric powered or solar system car because insurance is must in United States. Green cars insurance is also expensive as compared to regular insurance plans.

Fossils energy sources are bringing the major problem of their remaining quantity and increasing costs of the petroleum products. For new car owners, coping with energy needs will be really difficult and alternative option would be to less drive and save the environment along with their budget. Adopting the other transportation sources like public transport, walk or bicycle can also save the more and have positive impacts. 

Going Green on Budget...!!!

You can take a walk while going for shopping or running errands if your destination is just a couple of blocks away. If downtown is a little farther from your neighborhood, take your bicycle instead. It’s a good way to exercise those leg muscles while avoiding traffic.

If you have neighbors who go to work in your building or area, you might want to try carpooling to save money. Fewer cars on the road mean less air pollution. Carpooling and biking can reduce the consumption of fuel thereby supporting cleaner air. Walking or biking activities are also considered great forms of exercise.

Healthy Organic Food

If you think all organic food is expensive, think again. Purchasing organic food can have a significant positive impact to the environment. Organic food is grown naturally without the use of fertilizers and pesticides that gradually harm the soil. Not all kinds of organic foods are expensive. If you want to go green on a budget, check out supermarkets offering organic food at sale prices. When organic food is on sale, there’s not much difference between the prices of conventional food. Also be sure to know what produce is in-season because in-season produce (usually local) is often cheaper than organic produce shipped from thousands of miles away.

New LED bulbs are great alternative to conventional energy lights in our homes and this new blessing is ready to save more energy. They have great durability feature along with their low energy consumption and manufactured from green ingredients. This are cost savvy and need to be adopted for how to go Green on budget. Electricity costs is also increasing at high rate and one way to reduce and cut down is through use of energy efficient LED Lights. LED and CFL are both the attractive choices for this purpose.

For business managers, promoting the green ideas to their subordinates is also necessary. They should be told to switch off all the power consuming devices in their offices and they are away for the break or leave. Even when devices are not working but switched, they will still drain vampire power-energy which is consumed through devices left on. This concept should be applied for all devices including photocopiers, printers, cash registers and ACs.

Going Green on Budget...!!!

Recycling and reusing policy

Do you still have those gift wrappers from last season’s holidays? If they are still in good condition, you can reuse them to wrap presents for this year’s festivities. Save the milk bottles and cartons for recycling projects. You can make pen holders and coin banks out of milk bottles. Turn those cardboard boxes into magazine or file folders. The possibilities for recycling are endless. All you need is your imagination and your budget can go a long way.

Make your own organic beauty products instead of buying them off the shelf. Pulp of tomatoes makes a great face pack while a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil is a wonderful hand softener. It is also advisable to pack lunches for self, spouses and kids in reusable lunch boxes, snack sacks and thermoses instead of buying individual snacks or using plastic Baggies.

The foot is one of the major problems for third world countries, more we save this resource, more our next generations will survive. So it is advisable Discourage wasting food and instead, turns leftovers into ‘new’ dishes. For instance, plain rice can be turned into a yummy stir-fry by simply adding some veggies and greens. The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel is filled with easy and affordable green beauty solutions, including cleansers, toners and facials. I also found the book really useful when trying to understand the kind of damage that chemicals can do to one’s skin and body.

In Shift your Habit, Elizabeth Rogers have told that it offers easy shifts which one need to save more on shopping and daily expenses and living green. The writer has given the real numbers of how much you will actually save when you go green. Small steps like ones above can greatly contribute to make difference in cost and green living. These tips are just the green iceberg and we have much more to do today.