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The Natural Alternatives To Laundry Detergents

All the readers hear would agree to the importance of clean laundry. No one would agree that his or her children should walk around in dingy and smelly clothes. The cleanliness is a part of faith and all the human beings are conscious about keeping toxic elements away from their skin. The skin acts as central entry point and gatekeeper in human body and largest organ in our body. In ordinary laundry detergents which we use every day for washing, there is high involvement of artificial fragrances, phenols and napthas.

There are several flammable hydrocarbon liquid mixtures in napthas and phenols and in broad definition; they cover all the liquid hydrocarbons which are found in petroleum. These detergents add too much to our expenses and natural alternatives are more appealing if we use them for our wallet saving or our health.  Prime thing which we note down when we are looking for natural alternatives is addition of natural line in famous brands description. Being green is an added value!!!

Detergents contain different value of surfactants and they break the water surface tension to remove dirt away from clothes. Same surfactants will find their way to water and cause big aquatic life damage they are mixed with marine water, where millions of marine livings would die. These surfactants affect the outer membrane of fishes and other marine living organisms, exposing their skin to parasites and different bacteria. The marine life is also affected when these surfactants make them absorb the pollutants.

In manufacturing process of detergents, there are kept no safety and monitoring standards and huge amount of harmful ingredients are mixed to leaching and pills in all around us. Detergents have also the problem of carbon emission during their manufacturing process and packing that is made from non-recyclable materials. But there is also laundry alternative washing organic solution available and they will not affect the environment in negatively through ingredients, because they are natural and eco-friendly.


Wooden washing machine

Wooden washing machine is not more an idea; it has become a practical available product from MakeProjects.com. Wooden washing machine is a zero-emission washing machine and it uses the human power for its functioning and leverage. MakeProjects.com have also provided with full detail of how a wooden washing machine will be used, features and advantages.

Traditional Tumble drying should be skipped

If you have an open space available in your home or apartment, get the old fashioned and zero emission drying instead of electric dryers. If there is not enough space available in your home, you can use a rack for drying clothes near a window.

Make use of Energy efficient washing methods

For eco-washing, it is important to check the washing machines and prefer a front loading machine instead of top loading machine, because a front loading machine is more efficient one. Use of homemade laundry detergents is also an effective way to save more and keep the environment fragrance.

Now many companies have focused on this point and have highlighted their new detergents as eco-friendly, but most of them have not mentioned about use of ex. Phosphate, which is mixed with several other chemicals and needs explanation. Homemade detergents are easy to make and they are more eco-friendly for solution of all these environmental issues. For an individual, it will take only 5 to 10 minutes to prepare homemade washing detergent.

Concentrated Detergents

When only George Marvelous Medicine worked for you and mixing of ingredients didn’t, prefer the concentrated liquid detergents. These types of detergents save the packing and transport trips and most of them have been traveling around the internet too. Let’s start our first try to prepare our homemade laundry detergent.  The main ingredients you need are;

  • 1 bar of Dr. Bonners Pure castile soap,
  • 1 cup borax
  • 1 cup washing soda

Put all these ingredients in a food processor together and place in an air tight container. If you have a front load, just put one tablespoon of the mix. We have been well-known to fabrics softeners and really now people do searching for them. However softeners use scent and softness on the clothes which are not removed even after their cleaning. These toxic ingredients are inhaled and also absorbed by our skin, causing a big damage to our skin.

The natural softness of fabric is also taken away when you allow coating something on the fabric. Similar absorption you will find in your towels which are scratchy because they are not good absorbent of fabric softeners.  We have found that homemade or natural laundry detergents don’t remain once they have been washed. However when softeners have been used for fabrics, there is an ingredient fix which don’t remove easily. The greener washing detergents are more active to take part for green environment and saving the marine world instead of their unproductive counter parts.

Most of the homemade laundry introducing man made materials and if you are looking for an alternative to chemical detergents, then soap nuts are best thing to be selected. Soap nuts are the berry-like fruit of the Sapindus Mukorrosi tree, found mainly in the Himalayas. The berries are gathered, their seeds are removed and they’re dried in the sun.

Because they’re grown organically and then dried, they really are 100% natural.

These are low sudsing, antimicrobial, biodegradable gentle, making them safe for high efficiency washers. The wools and silks can also be done using mild soap.  A gentler way to wrinkle instead of ironing is to spray the dried cloth with a vinegar and water solution. There are many alternative ideas like cleaning the actual iron with white vinegar filled reservoir, because ironing red marks can be removed by use of white vinegar. Now switch the iron and let it steam for 5 mints and use with the water.

The natural alternatives are highly recommended because of their low PH value and when you add them for fabrics cleaning, the dark lint of the clothes will be reduced. Such organic detergents are as much powerful as our chemical detergents and friendly to the environment.

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