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Kirei USA Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

The concept of Eco-friendly homes is fast catching-up across the world with a choice of Eco-friendly materials used for construction and interior, thereby reducing carbon emission and creating a safer environment.

One such store where you can shop for a natural elements to build your home or workplace is kireiusa.com which offers various sustainable natural alternatives for your construction materials.

Kirei USA- Eco-Friendly Construction materials

These materials are manufactured from renewable and recycled agricultural bye-products  by using special adhesives which are low in formaldehyde. This is one productive way of using bye-products which often are disposed in landfills or are incarcerated. Not only does this help in optimum usage of natural resources, but is also safe for the environment as it reduces the pollution emitted when these products are discarded.

Kirei stand for clean or beautiful in Japanese and since 2003, the company has been pivotal in creating new interior solutions with sustainable and non-toxic materials

Their range of products are deemed to be beautiful, natural and sustainable. You can also download the material specifications from their site and can also request a sample.

Do look for:


Kirei Board: This is a safe alternative to natural wood and is made from reclaimed sorghum straw and can be used in furniture and cabinets. Using this is a perfect way to qualify for a LEED certification for sustainable construction practices. One advantage is that it replaces wood which is fast depleting from our environment. The second being that sorghum stalks which are left over after being harvested are used in a constructive manner to become an alternate to wood.

Bamboo: Check out their range of bamboo panels, doors etc which apart from being attractive are also sturdy and durable.

Wheatboard wood panels are similar to Kirei board, except that its made from the left over wheat stalks after harvesting.

Coco tiles made from coconut fiber that can be used as wall tiles and also in furniture.

Hemp panels which can be used for ceiling, panels, regular millwork etc.

You can use the dealer locator to locate a dealer new you or can also contact them for more information. Their site has a beautiful gallery for every product which shows the many ways were it can be used to blend with your aesthetics and create a sustainable construction.

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