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The Industrial Hemp has great Advantages


Marijuana and industrial hemp are similar in many aspects, but they are too different things. There are many characterizes, uses and The Industrial Hemp has great Advantagesadvantages of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is still starting to discover for its advantages, which are tremendous and unlimited, but its importance can be found in many industries like construction, paper and textile. The major difference between industrial hemp and marijuana is in their CBD and THC level, a stuff which is used industrial level and get you high-cannabidiol.


The level of CBD is low in Marijuana and its THC level is high, which make it good for students of colleges but not for industrial use. Industrial hemp, on the other hand is low at HTC level and its CBD level is high, which makes it useful for industrial work.  Industrial hemp has tremendous advantages and unmatched in terms of its absorbency and strength as natural fiber.  Industrial hemp for this purpose is used in canvas sails for sailing ships, creation of ropes and in clothing.


Levis, the popular jeans manufacturing company of the world earned its popularity through its durability and strength of the clothing and it has been found that jeans were originally made from hemp. Hemp is also used in many dietary products.  There is high level of concentration in hemp for essential fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid omega-3 and omega-6 and it has been found as healthy for our health.


Hemp has great power to fight against premenstrual syndrome, arthritis and neurodermatitis.  The hemp oil can be used as linseed oil or flaxseed oil and it is processed for manufacturing of products like cosmetics, nail varnishes, soaps and biodiesel. A large quantity of waste is produced while processing the hemp and this material is used to produce an unsustainable reliance, and cut down our reliance and dependency on forests for making of papers.


Industrial hemp has great strength and durability, which makes is an essential material for construction materials and it can surely replace the many other alternatives such as plywood and drywall. Hemp has also many other profitable uses like made bricks of high insulation. Today US environment, a large number of the growers and farmers have been asked for grow hem for industrial purposes. If we see it from farming view, hemp is a great rotation crop and there are no pesticides grown with it, which would cut down the growth a per-acre revenue.

Hemp is friendly to the environment and also provides good yield as compared to soybeans or corn yield of $100-200, while it has revenue of $250-300. The growing period of hemp is also not large enough like soybeans and it takes only 90 days for hemp to grow, while soybeans take 100- 150 days average. Although Hemcrete has strong insulation benefits (A 12-inch-thick Hemcrete wall has an R-value of R-28), the cost of building his home was $133 per square foot. This is in comparison to the 2009 U.S. average of $83.89 meaning he almost paid double per square foot.


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