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Some Commandments for Eco Gardening

Eco Gardening

As we move to the summer days of dog, it is essential to know about some gardening tips to improve your gardener and make it greener when sun will shine brightly during the summer season. Although water is conserved by shalt, gardeners should conserve as much quantity of water as they can. If you know about rain barrel, it is helpful to collect the recycled household water from baths as well as rainwater all the year. During the summer season, watering your plants deeply is more important than often little watering, it is useful for rooting at the deep.

In summer season, watering the plants should be started from evening, because in morning when you water your plants, they will be directly exposed by sun and there is possible damage to plant leaves and roots due to hot weather. Also water the garden at day time in afternoon may also be dangerous and it will spoil their roots. But if you choose the early morning or evening time to water the garden, these are two best times and try to direct water at soil rather than putting on leaves.

Shalt is helpful to put the water in plants at right place, but if they are unable to survive under such critical conditions, than there is no way to save them in much hot summer days. Peat bogs are not used by shalt but they are essential part of ecosystem and to go green.

Our current environment needs more greenish to successfully adopt the green approach and it is important to recover our green forest and wild life again to help us protect our atmosphere from hazardous gases. Gardens need to furnish according to current season requirements with more greenish and shady trees to protect against rising pollution level. If peats are harvested, they will go forever. Now there are many best alternatives for peats available, but cannot understand for their use in domestic gardens.

Garden management

A key to successful garden management is though shalt recycle garden waste. Use the plastic containers and non-biodegradable products which are not reused by shalt in gardens. Though shalt minimizes the use of chemicals and leave messy bit, green long grassy lands are more protective in hot summer days, also there are ideal habitat for wild life. In this way different animals and bugs will be able to get some shelter in hot weather and get ease in hot sun shine.

Light should not be used in gardens as it will not only disturb the neighbors but also will consume large amount of electricity. A last thing is to change the habits of children from TV and computer and teach them the gardening and playing in garden.


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