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Loop – Greenhouse Water Saving Gadget

Loop - Water Saving Gadget

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be pretty useful for controlling pests and managing the environment for optimal growing conditions. However, greenhouses are usually humid due to water being evaporated and transpired by the plants. Loop is a water saving gadget that condenses moisture from the air and returns water back to the soil for the plants to use again.

Loop - Water Saving Gadget Diagram

Naci Cenk Aytekin, a Turkish industrial product designer, has come up with a solution that exploits the properties of aluminium. The aluminium leaves of the Loop device remain cool despite the warmer ambient temperature of the greenhouse. This means that water vapour can condense back into liquid form on the Loop device. The water is then trickled back to the soil down a series of tubes. A simple yet very novel design!

Source: EcoFriend

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