Ozone Generator for Water Sterilizer

Dan | Jan 05, 2021

                                                             Ozone Generator Water Purifier

A simple and effective way of sterilizing water is to bubble ozone through the water. Ozone (O3) is a form of Oxygen gas made from 3 Oxygen molecules. Ozone is a pretty strong oxidizing agent, producing insoluble oxides from chemicals and minerals in water (which can then be filtered out). When it comes to organisms, ozone will breakdown a significant part of the cellular structure, rendering them harmless. This means Ozone can be used as part of the water purification process.

Ozone Generators are pretty inexpensive and offer a healthier alternative to chlorine when sterilizing water. Ozone is a stronger oxidizer than Chlorine, and Ozone doesn’t form the unpleasant by-products that chlorine produces. Any remaining Ozone will simply breakdown into Oxygen, typically dissolved in the water.

An ozone generator or (Ozonator) generates ozone by passing air through a high-frequency electric field. These gadgets are commonly sold to purify the water in hot tubs and spas. You can often smell Ozone when you’re in underground metro systems, such as the London Underground, as they use high voltage for running the trains.

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