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Paradise GL23901WH2 – Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 8th, 2011

Multipurpose Solar Light with White LED By Paradise

These Paradise GL23901WH2 Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights are a quick and easy way to bring lighting to any outdoor area, to provide added security and safety. The lights are easily attached to any flat surface to provide you with illumination once dusk falls.

The Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights are made by Paradise and are provided in a pack of two. Each light uses two bright white LEDs to provide illumination and has its own internal solar panel to provide the electricity to power them. This allows you to place the lights as close together or as far apart from each other as you wish, as they each operate as a self contained unit. The lights turn on automatically once dusk falls and are constructed from thick plastic that is weather resistant, allowing them to remain outdoors all year round.

These multipurpose lights come with full instructions and two screws per light to allow you to quickly and simply install them where you wish. Some thought should be given over the positioning of each light to ensure it both receives enough sunlight during the day to charge its internal battery and that it provides light where you will require it at night.

These Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights provide extra security to your outdoor areas allowing you to see what is happening. The lights also add safety to a garden by lighting the way, to highlight a path, step, or any other potential hazard outside. The lights could also be used to light up an area containing a garden feature, or to light the doorway of a shed or outbuilding. Because each light uses solar energy to power the lighting there is no complicated wiring or long term running costs and each light can be easily installed quickly. This helps you to light your outdoor spaces yourself without any worries over added electrical usage.

The Paradise GL23901WH2 Multipurpose White LED Solar Lights are just $13.99 for a pair.

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