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Articles in the ‘Solar Powered Gadgets’ Category

Charge your gadgets the green way this summer – with Solartab

By admin on June 17th, 2015

Phones and tablets can do almost anything these days – they’ve replaced everything from music players and encyclopedias to train tickets and phonebooks. But there’s one thing they still fail to do: to stay on when you need them. The crowd funded premium solar charger Solartab aims to solve this problem once and for all, and to do it the environmentally friendly way.


This summer, chances are you’ll find yourself in surroundings where the nearest power outlet is miles away. If you want to make sure your energy hungry phone or tablet always is ready for action at the beach, picnics in the park, music festivals, or even a tent in the middle of the woods or a deserted island, Solartab might be just what you’re looking for. And unlike your regular solar charging solution, the innovative new product even provides energy after sunset.

The Solartab is big enough to charge all your mobile devices, like your phone and tablet, but it’s also compact, portable and stunning looking. Featuring a strong 5.5W solar panel as well as a high-capacity 13000 mAh solar panel, Solartab always provides two options for keeping your favorite gear from the likes of Samsung and Apple charged up and ready to go: Charge them directly from the sun, or from the battery if you happen to be indoors or the weather is cloudy. With two USB 2.1A outputs, charging both your tablet and phone at the same time is also possible.

The Kickstarter funded team behind Solartab promises that it will always charge at maximum efficiency as long as the sun is up. To keep this promise, they not only increased the solar panel’s size way beyond what you’ll find on the average portable solar charger on the market today, but also included an innovative built-in cover.


The cover works as a stand for the solar panel, allowing you to angle the panel in three different positions depending on the sun’s current whereabouts. And even more impressively, tech enthusiasts can charge their beloved touch-screen gadget even while they’re listening to their favorite summer tune, or browsing the Internet, at the same time. Finally, a solar charger that you can truly count on!

Solartab is about the same size as an iPad and features a sleek, clean design. When opened and in action, the product looks rather futuristic, but when folded together and wrapped in its nostalgic looking cover, it instead resembles a stylish diary that could easily slip unnoticed into your bookshelf.

“Solar power should never be a mere gimmick”, says Solartab’s CEO Simon Methi. “On the contrary, we believe it’s the future of power consumption!”

Judging by the absolutely incredible response the product got on last year, the public out there seems to agree. Now the product has been shipped to its crowdfunding backers, and the startup company is accepting further orders on their own website

Solar power to convert salt water to fresh water through desalination?

By admin on April 28th, 2015

Imagine a world where water is abundant and can be sourced from the oceans and seas as and when required. Wouldn’t that be a boon to mankind?

tap water_0_0_0_0_0_0_0

Every life form on earth needs water in one or the other manner. Survival is one part of the water requirement and living is another. If there is water available, is it in abundance? This is the question that needs answering. Cities, states and countries, right from California to Japan are looking at creative ways to save and conserve water.

Recently as a part of an USAID project, a prize winning entry (Desal prize, USD 140,000) displayed the ingenuity of addressing the water need. The group from MIT and Jain Irrigation Systems developed a solar power generator using solar panels and batteries that in turn powered a desalination system using the electrodialysis method. This method involves removing salt particles from water using a small electrical charge. In addition to salt removal, the team also integrated a UV light device to ensure that the water is completely disinfected. The water thus coming out is fit to be used on crops.

Using solar power for desalination is a new and a dynamic idea that can bring water to many areas where the crisis rules the roost. This system was tested in New Mexico (Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility) for over 24 hours and desalinated about 2,100 gallons of sea water.

This system can be developed with scalability to address the needs of the water starved across the world.

THRIVE Solar Lantern Launches Online Sales

By admin on April 21st, 2015

In time for the 2015 camping season, Cosas AutoSuficientes, LLC (CAS) launches the online sale of THRIVE Portable LED Solar Lanterns. The solar lights were normally sold abroad to those who live in rural and remote areas of the developing world with little to no access to an electrical grid. 3.5 million solar lights have been sold in 15 countries since 2007 prior to online sales. The Solar LED Light is catching attention for its high quality and low price along with the manufacturer’s socially driven business model.

For most online customers, the THRIVE Portable Solar Lanterns are good to keep as emergency flashlights in survival kits as they do not have to rely on external batteries that may end up dying during long periods of storage. Lightweight at 3 oz, small and portable (15 cm x 7.5 cm x 3 cm) – it emits up to 8 hours of bright white light after a full day of charging under the sun. The solar panel is built-in on the backside of the lantern, so no separate cords needed. It’s all-inclusive.


Campers would find good use for the solar lights as handy flashlights, as well. For the 2.3 billion who have to deal with regular blackouts or life outside of an electrical grid, the solar lights act more than just flashlights. They provide a cheaper, reliable, and cleaner source of lighting to enable life after sunset, like studying extra hours and continuing entrepreneurial activities. Without solar powered devices, these people may spend upwards of 20% of their meagre incomes on dirty and hazardous kerosene fuels just for light after dark. This in turn deprives them of a chance to save their money and work their way out of poverty.

The THRIVE Solar Lantern is touted as the most inexpensive, high quality solar light in the market today. In place of a light bulb, it utilizes an LED light chip invented by Shuji Nakamura, the recipient for the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes. Nakamura has a special partnership with THRIVE Solar Energy because of their social mission. Nakamura’s LED invention brings the cost down significantly for those who need the Solar LED Light for everyday use, particularly those in the developing world who earn only $2.50 per day.


The Solar LED Light is retailed by Cosas AutoSuficentes for US$15 via Amazon

The online sales contribute to THRIVE’s charity, the “One Child One Light Foundation.” The foundation works with local NGOs and governments around the world to donate its solar lights to communities in need. The online sales also help THRIVE sustain its community empowerment business model, in which it manufactures the solar lanterns in places where job creation would impact poverty eradication programs the most.

THRIVE supplies as much of its materials from local economies, and has one of the few, if not only, solar devices in the market that does not have to label “Made in China.” “Made in Kenya” or “Made in India” is a proud label to bear. THRIVE allows quality high-tech, green-tech products made right out of India and Africa. By the way, the THRIVE factory in India is run entirely from solar energy.

Maria Caluag, owner and founder of Cosas AutoSuficientes, said, “I believe selling these solar powered products will help increase the awareness of energy poverty faced by billions abroad while promoting the use of money-saving, cleaner, greener technology. Solar powered devices are very useful to those who live in and outside of the USA.”

Originally published @ Business Fights Poverty Blog

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

By Anny on May 27th, 2013

We have seen solar powered outdoor gadgets which can serve multiple purposes such as cooking, charging your accessories and also for listening music. However, the FR360 is one gadget that can work both on solar power and can also be powered by a hand crank. In case you choose to, it can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries and also by an external adaptor. This unique gadget contains a built-in radio, access to the NOAA weather band, a powerful torch, a LED flasher and also an USB phone charger. This ensures that you always stay connected and with a handy flashlight and access to your local radio while you’re traveling. The feature to charge by a had crank is especially useful when your caught in a bad weather or in case of power outages.

FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

The Radio is supports AM (520-1710 KHz)  and FM(87-108 MHz).It can play all the local weather band channels along with weather alerts. The torch is powered by 4 LED’s and also included is a flashing red LED light. A telescopic antenna helps you stay connected in all areas. You can charge your phones and other electronic accessories which arepowered by an USB source by using the USB power output given by the device. Also included is an alarm clock and headphone jack. The FR360 is your perfect travel accessory with a whole range of features that usually require multiple gadgets.

The device is recommended to be fully charged while you are on the move, and in case it doesn’t recharge due to lack of solar light-you can use the crank to generate the power. Its weighs 453 gms and has a dimension of 6.25“-6.5“-2.75“.

The gadget is a special edition Red Cross product and $0.49 to $1.00 from each sale would be contributed to the American Red Cross society. You can buy the FR360 from the below link, or can also purchase it from Amazon and Best Buy.


Voltaic Solar Backpack

By Anny on May 15th, 2013

Solar chargers are generally designed  to be placed in a fixed location, or need to be attached to a mount. This might not be suitable in cases where you are in the move, as in while trekking or camping. You might also not find it feasible to carry a solar gadget along with your regular gear. Here’s a solution for such situations-in the form of a solar paneled bag which can be used to store your gear and also to generate power from exposure to the sun.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

The solar panel is affixed to a rugged backpack which can be slung over your back. The bag is quite spacious and has a dimension of 1500 cubic inches. It can be used to carry and charge iPad’s, mobile phones, PDA’s, gaming devices, cameras and many more. The internal battery is made of Lithium Polymer and gives an output of 5.5 V&900Ma. It gets fully charged in 7 hours and can also be charged from an USB source or an AC power supply.

The panel is made of two 2 watt monocrystalline solar panels for an output of 4 W with 6-12 V.

The handy backpack weighs around 2000 gms (4.5 lbs) and has the dimensions of 18″ height,  16″width and  8″ in depth. The wire channels are placed all over the inside of the bag giving you a greater flexibility in charging your devices. A phone pouch attached to the shoulder strap can hold your phone while it’s being charged. The device also has an LED indicator indicating the solar charge. It’s made of recycled PET and is waterproof and UV resistant. You can choose from silver, charcoal and orange colors for the solar panel.

The Voltaic solar backpack comes with a warranty of 2 years. It’s priced at $289 and can be purchased from the below link. The gadget comes with a universal battery pack, 9 different USB tips including the micro and mini tips.

K3 Solar and Wind Charger

By Anny on May 11th, 2013

Here is a unique charger that can be powered both by solar power as well as by wind energy.  The gadget has a built-in solar panel which coverts solar energy into an electric charge which can be used to charge your mobile phone, iPod, camera  etc. A mini turbine mounted on the top rotates when placed against the wind and turns an internal dynamo which again generates electricity. The rechargeable internal battery of the gadget  can also be charged by a normal ac charger.

K3 Solar and Wind Charger

The gadget is quite useful when you are travelling, trekking or camping. It’s one of a very few portable gadgets which charge by wind energy and is a perfect alternative to conventional charges, especially when you have no access to electricity. The gadget can be arranged on your motorcycle or jeep so that it directly faces the wind while you are driving.  Under standard conditions, an hour of sunlight and a sufficientlystrong wind should charge your  phone for about 30 minutes of talking.

The device has an USB port which can be used to connect it to an external power source such as from a computer or a vehicle power outlet. It also comes with a mini and micro USB tip making it useful for a vast variety of phones. A built-in LED power indicator shows the current power status

The K3 Solar and Wind charger is priced at $99.95 and can be purchased from the below link.

Dimensions: 3 Inches in Length, 3.1 inches wide and a height of 9.3 inches

Color: Green and black with a white mini turbine

Weight: 10.6 Ounces

Battery specifications: Rechargeable Lithium ion cell (4000mAh) DC output- 5V 1amp 5W

The package includes a the K3 Solar and Wind Charger gadget, multiple device tips, USB cable AC Wall Adapter, a handy drawstring bag and a user guide.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

By Anny on April 1st, 2013

Here’s a feasible solution to all your charging needs. Be it a phone or any gadget which charges from an USB source, you can use the below portable device to charge them while on the move. The power panel uses solar energy to charge your devices and provides up to 2 watts of power which can be transmitted through a USB port. It’s quite useful when you are on the move, or outdoors as in while camping or trekking. The device does away with the necessity of a power source and can be used by just leaving it outdoors to face the sun.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

The device gives about 30% more energy when compared to other similar panels and is economicallypriced at $39.  The USB port is compatible with many devices and the package also includes adapters for Sony, Nokia and Samsung phones (Do check out the supporting phone models on the product page). It however cannot be used for charging an iPhone, iPad or an iPod.

The panel gives you a charge of up to 600mAh phone in 1.5 hours (Standard conditions) and consists of a durable ABS frame with dimensions of 6.9 in long, 3.9 in wide, 0.4 in thickness. It weighs just 84 grams and can be conveniently carried in your backpack. The device is recommended to be placed in direct sunlight and not behind a shade or a window.

The Sun Ray Pro Power Panel (P102) is a perfect accessory especially while you are traveling as it gives an easy and optimum charge within no time. You can purchase the Sun Ray Power Panel (P102) by accessing the below link.You can also check their range of solar lights, rechargeable batteries and other chargers.

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

Green Mortgage- An Upcoming Trend for Energy Efficiency

By Anny on March 24th, 2013

The concept of Green mortgage is recently becoming popular as more people are becoming eco-conscious and are looking to reduce their energy consumption. Greenmortgageeinvolves  modifying your home to make it more energy efficient. This could mean buying gadgets which work on alternative energy such as solar panels, using dimmable CFL lighting, LED panels, changing your windows by using cellular and low emission windows etc.  We are all aware of the fact that all the above mentioned gadgets do require an initial investment, and the returns start pouringingradually. The high cost of the initial investment is what deters a lot of us from making the first move, and we often tendto lose out on the recurring returns they offer. Green mortgage is one such facility which helps you with the initial cost of investment for such technologies

Green Mortgage- An upcoming trend for energy efficiency

You stand to gainin both ways as the modifications you decide to do for your house can be done in a modern way which is sure to impress your visitors and add to the value of your house. Also such energy saving modifications do give you regular returns by means of reduced power bills etc- which can be used to offset a part of the mortgage amount. Also investing in such eco-friendly practices also shows your solidarity with the environment as your act decreases the net carbon footprint, pollution and greenhouse emission which are direct and indirect consequences of your energy consumption.

This is a welcome move to start the trend of energy saving in our daily life. There are a whole lot of ways by which you can save energy consumption in your home and since you now can be assured of a funding for that. You would also need an energy  audit done on your home so that an estimation can be made as to how muchsavings in terms of spent energy would your modifications make. To know more, just get in touch with your bank to check on a suitable scheme.


Recycled Pulp Fashioned into Doughnut shaped Pulp MP3 speakers

By Anny on August 12th, 2012

Pulp MP3 speakers

Sharing the music and videos with friends is really amazing, but better it would be if the gadgets would charge from renewable energy like solar powered electric energy or keep the Go Green rules followed. At the moment, the market is offering us eco-friendly speakers which are more like acoustic docks which boost the audio source and they can be charged with renewable energy sources. Their experience is not satisfactory however, and to deal with this problem, Chin Yang and Balance Wu have developed Pulpop MP3 speaker that has been made from recycled material and will work on vibration speaker technology for audio amplifying through the surface that supporting it and a hollow space which is beneath the doughnut design. (more…)

Lawn Buddy- Solar powered Automatic lawn mower

By Anny on August 6th, 2012


lawn mower

Recently a project was completed in San Jose State university about solar powered lawn mowers, users’ ability to cut the lawn grass with minimal efforts required. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter wires to maintain the robot within the lawn. Lawn mower is one of the basic essential products which are required at home to arrange the lawn with grass level required. (more…)