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Solar Powered Gadgets

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review

Suaoki Solar Laptop Charger Review thumbnail

Suaoki has launched a 40watt solar laptop charger that gives solutions for all your travel problems like dead phone, dead car battery or no charging points while on a road trip, business trip or just a holiday. This versatile portable [...]

Anker 21W Solar Charger Review

Anker 21W Solar Charger Review thumbnail

Our dependency on the smartphones is increasing day by day. Peoples are likely to spend more and more time on their mobile screens than ever before. But what if you are away from your home and office, and your phone [...]

Charge your gadgets the green way this summer – with Solartab

Phones and tablets can do almost anything these days – they’ve replaced everything from music players and encyclopedias to train tickets and phonebooks. But there’s one thing they still fail to do: to stay on when you need them. The [...]

Going Solar in Australia is easy – Choosing the right installer

Practicing a little discipline in power consumption could save money as well the planet in terms of slowing down global warming. Did you ever think in terms of going solar? Going solar has its own advantages as every other website [...]

Solar power to convert salt water to fresh water through desalination?

Imagine a world where water is abundant and can be sourced from the oceans and seas as and when required. Wouldn’t that be a boon to mankind? Every life form on earth needs water in one or the other manner. [...]

THRIVE Solar Lantern Launches Online Sales

In time for the 2015 camping season, Cosas AutoSuficientes, LLC (CAS) launches the online sale of THRIVE Portable LED Solar Lanterns. The solar lights were normally sold abroad to those who live in rural and remote areas of the developing [...]