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Solar Spark Lighter – Solar-Powered Fire Starter

By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on June 25th, 2010

Solar Spark Lighter

The Solar Spark Lighter brings the ability to create fire to anyone, without the need of lighter fuel. This lighter will never run out and can be used anytime there is a decent light source and a small amount of a combustible substance to hand.

Solar Spark Lighter

The Solar Spark Lighter works by focusing the light that hits it at whatever has been placed between the prongs of the fork attached to the center of it. This focused light is hot enough to start burning whatever combustible material has been put in the prongs, things like wood, bark, paper, even things like incense, or marshmallows!

The disk of the lighter is a parabolic mirror, it is this shape that focuses the light in such an effective way to help you create fire. It can cause the focal point, which is between the two prongs, to reach very high temperatures. This lighter is pocket sized, with a diameter of only 11.4 cm (4.5 in), the two pronged fork part can be folded down to enable it to be placed into a pocket or bag to be taken to wherever you will require it.

Because the Solar Spark Lighter has been constructed from stainless steel it is durable, able to handle harsh conditions yet still be ready to go as long as there is light, and something combustible. It may require polishing from time to time to keep the surface clean and able to focus the light to its fullest potential. This lighter is perfect for anyone with interests in outdoor pursuits like camping, or hiking.

The Solar Spark Lighter costs just $19.95 plus shipping.

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Your Comments

  1. Green Guy on June 29th, 2010 at 2:43am

    This Solar Spark Lighter is so cool. I wonder if it would cook hot dogs? If not I’ll just light up a fire with it and cook there.

  2. Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on July 7th, 2010 at 11:49pm

    Erm, given the size of it, it’s just for ignition. The website has proper solar ovens though.


  3. Bob on July 19th, 2010 at 7:29am

    These were originally marketed in the 50s as solar cigarette lighters. Hence the shape of the prongs. They were a fairly popular novelty item back then, when 50% of adults smoked, and 49% weren’t as hypersensitive as people are today. I’m wondering if some guy came across a warehouse full of the things.