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The Eco-House Manual – Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

The Eco-house Manual: How to Carry Out Environmentally Friendly Improvements to Your Home

The Eco-House Manual contains many suggestions of environmentally friendly improvements you can make to your home. The manual discusses in depth many different eco-friendly steps that can be taken and provides you with step by step information for performing the improvements including photo guides.

The Eco-House Manual has been written by Nigel Griffiths who has many years experience with creating green houses and building eco homes. This manual explains ways of improving your home to allow it to be as eco-friendly as possible. The manual provides comprehensive data regarding improving your home over 10 different chapters.

The book includes information about how to reduce heat loss and about  eco-friendly heating solutions like solar water heaters. It discusses electrical demand and provides some useful improvements for eco-friendly lighting. It also discusses micro-generation, methods for you to generate your own electricity through use of solar panels and micro wind turbines. The chapter on water discusses methods for water conservation and rainwater harvesting.

The Eco-House Manual provides a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of environmental improvements that can be made to a house allowing you to eco-renovate your home. Its practical advice and easy to follow instructions allow anyone to take steps to improve their home to help the environment and lower their energy bills.

The Eco-House Manual is available for just £11.99 with free delivery. The book is also available in the US for around $40 (since it’s imported).

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