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DIY Green Gadgets

Build Your Own Solar-Powered BBQ

Solar BBQ cooking allows you to enjoy cooking outdoors without any issues of polluting the atmosphere through burning charcoal, wood or gas. Producing no smoke it also helps those with breathing difficulties and by using the sun to heat the [...]

50 Green Projects for the Evil Genius

The book is a detailed, step by step guide on ways to make your life more eco-friendly. The book contains many different Do It Yourself projects ranging from ways to improve your cars fuel efficiency to how to build your [...]

The Eco-House Manual – Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

contains many suggestions of environmentally friendly improvements you can make to your home. The manual discusses in depth many different eco-friendly steps that can be taken and provides you with step by step information for performing the improvements including photo [...]

Water Saving Tap Aerator DIY Kit

With our slightly over-populated planet, pure drinking water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Even for those of us fortunate to be in the developed world, we shouldn’t waste water. Thankfully there are plenty of water saving gadgets that can [...]

Human Powered Ferris Wheel

The Human Powered Ferris Wheel, otherwise called the Star Wheel, is a device created by Paul Cesewski. The contraption weighs 2000 pounds and reaches up 22 feet into the air. There are 3 seats inside the wheel, and each passenger [...]

DIY Solar Powered Bicycle GPS Gadget

The Solar-Powered Bicycle GPS gadget is the creation of Brian Nadel, who wanted to be able to get home when he’d gotten lost whilst out cycling! Made from old computer parts in his office, Brian’s gadget cost him virtually nothing. [...]